Monday, July 7, 2014

lincoln tourist: the capital building

following the roller skating museum we ran over to the capital building to tour that real fast before maxson's nap. i thought the building was absolutely beautiful and so fun to walk through, totally reminded me of my time spent in europe looking at all those beautiful buildings. we had the best tour guide who was sooooo knowledgeable and not boring at all. i loved learning about it all.
 photo IMG_3253copy_zps69c0430c.jpg
 photo IMG_3255_zpsbd988f5c.jpg
at a couple point when maxson got restless it turned to this:
 photo IMG_3256_zpsee8df00a.jpg
old legislature room that is now unused
 photo IMG_3257_zpsfb5e61e5.jpg
 photo IMG_3258copy_zps65712b77.jpg
maxson fell asleep in about 1 minute after getting in the car. such a champ when we take him places
 photo IMG_3272copy_zps2810ac6e.jpg

we missed out on outing the 14th floor look out deck but will go back another time

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Cherri said...

Bucket list... so good to get out...someday Lincoln will be a memory.