Monday, July 14, 2014

24 years old and 21 weeks a long

my 24th birthday came along quietly. quietly yet happily. i spent the day being the momma to my sweet little boy, and cheering on casey in his schooling. maxson did  give me a birthday present of sleeping in until 9 am, that was great. we went to story time at the library and we took long naps. once casey got home from school we went to this new spanish restaurant i've been wanting to try, sebastian's table (it's from the same creators of my favorite burger place in town, honest abe's). it was much different than we expected. more of a fancy, sit down, hipster type of place. the food was way delicious though. everything was served in the style of appetizers and you ate it all as a group. the dessert was incredible, churro like dough balls with pear filling inside.

afterward we took a quick trip to target to pick up  few birthday presents for me (few times in my life i can buy things at full price and not feel bad about it, this birthday was one of those).

once home we were outside blowing bubbles with maxson when my dear friend, tasha, walked up with a delicious red velvet birthday cake for me, such a wonderful surprise! as they sang a roaring happy birthday to me, the wind blew out my candles :( let's hope that's not bad luck. 
 photo IMG_3610_zps0499c22a.jpg
 photo IMG_3611_zps0f3a419e.jpg
 photo IMG_3614copy_zps69865030.jpg
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the next day i entered into the 21 weeks gang. you guys, i seriously get so much bigger every week, it's crazy. we learned the twins share a placenta this week, that means they could either be identical or fraternal, we'll find out when they get here! lots of movement from these boys. i had a dentist appointment this week and after an hour i was done, i was literally about to pass out after lying back like that for so long, ooy, gave my dentist a little scare. saw the baby boys this week in the ultra sound at our appointment and one was kicking the other in the head, ha, they are wiggly!
 photo IMG_3630copy_zpsc23c39a6.jpg
still so crazy we're having two babies at the same time. i'm over the shock and news of course, it's just so surreal to me still, i NEVER in a million years thought i would have twins. what's even crazier is that they will be here in less than 17 weeks, doesn't that sound SOON??!!?? this pregnancy is just going way too fast. with maxson keeping me so busy, a long trip around the corner, and the wish of having more time before we add 2 more children to our family is going to make this all zoom by. before i know it, we'll be back from our trips and i'll be nearly 30 weeks, that's the last push my friends! ahhh!


Suzanne and Nate said...

You look awesome Kimber! And always so beautiful!
So happy you had a great bday and a yummy cake:)

Cherri said...

yep you look like you are glowing... really. I laughed when you said the wind blew the candles. Ha

Cody and Camille said...

Ok either you've been blogging up a storm or I've been totally MIA forever. It's been so fun catching up on your blog today! You are seriously one of the cutest prego ladies ever!!! You just shine with happiness! And that bday cake looks so cute and yummy. What awesome friends you have! And the video of a day with Max was stinkin' amazing... what a treasure and keepsake! That boy is crazy cute and we are going to have so much fun having him part of our family in just a couple weeks!!! Awww I could go on forever, but we just love you and can't wait to see you soon!!!