Thursday, July 3, 2014

how to make money when you don't have a job

casey has been so awesome at finding little ways to earn money while we're in dental school. no it's not that much when compared with real jobs but when you're in school and can't have a real job but still have time to find little ways to do things, it's been fun extra spending money for us! some of you are probably in similar situations and i thought you'd like to know of some of these easy ways to earn a couple extra bucks.

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1. bing searches- Sign up with this link: If you do something like 15 random searches on bing each day you get points, points add up to money. In 1 month's time you can get about $5 toward amazon if you are diligent at doing it. You can also have 5 accounts per household (ya know, meaning 5 people, with 5 different emails for us that's casey, kimber, maxson, etc) so that's about $25 a month you can earn through cashing in for amazon money. Just do mindless searches on bing by pushing random letters on your keyboard. also if you sign up with that link it gives us more points, so ya know, help a sista out

2. secret shopper- we use it is a mystery shopper website that is legit. It takes a little more effort but is still cool to do because you get free meals plus you're paid on top of it! casey really likes to do it, because he likes going out to eat more than i do (fast-food usually). so if your family already does fast food and such often you should definitely sign up for it. we use the app genius scan to take pictures of our receipts that seemed scanned in for when you answer questions about your mystery shop. you can sign up here

3. surveys- here's casey's shpeal he wrote to a friend last summer who asked him about it:

"It is called MTURK, it is a job from amazon as a worker to do like surveys and such. You sign up at and you do have to give some important information it is legit because they have to report information for tax purposes because you will get a w2 at the end of the year. Anyways there are thousands of survey jobs posted on mturk, but to make it actually worth the time the person would need to open up a separate tab and go to

Once in reddit they would search for hitsworthturkingfor, and go to that separate forum that other mturkers post the jobs that are actually worth the time we put in. I have been averaging from 80-100 dollars a week part time since I am in dental school and really don't have time to have a real job. It has been a great part time thing for me so I figured it could be for others too. Let me know if you have any questions about it or if anyone would be interested and that I could explain it to. The reddit site posts surveys that are actually worth your time (at least 10 cents a minute- which, no, isn't very much but it adds up over the long run)."

casey did this for 3 months during last year's summer semester of dental school and earned quite a bit of money. it did take a lot of time and effort on his part, but again, it's not like he was doing anything else once he was done with his school work

4. zapiddy zapiddy is an app on your phone that sends you out to stores to take pictures for them and then answer a few questions. They're usually about $4 and really easy. The other day I did a $16 easy one at Sam's club which was awesome. You get money transferred to your paypal account. it's all super easy and right there on your phone, takes less than 5 minutes to do it. you have to check that app pretty often and kinda go right when you see them because they do end fast (i'm guessing once they meet their quota).

5. sell your stuff- everyone knows about this but it is easy. sometimes you just stop using things you used to for so many different reasons. so why not sell it to someone else and get money for it! we haven't done this a ton but when we have we're real proud of ourselves, ha. we've used both local Facebook buying/selling groups and craigslist

are there any other little things you do to make a few extra bucks? i'd love to know!

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