Monday, June 30, 2014

19 (weeks) and counting

that's half way for me!
woot woot!
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i know i'm already looking very pregnant to friends and strangers, but i don't feel huge yet, i think i thought i'd be bigger at this point. so i guess i should be happy with that, ha. sleeping is beginning to get uncomfortable. i'm switching sides lots of times during the night, my SIL let me borrow her pregnancy pillow (those c-shape ones, know what i'm talking about?) i'm definitely investing in one of those myself, those things are kinda amazing. i'm sporting the baby (babies) bump pretty dang obvious these days and i'm starting to eat a lot more food than i used to. i remember i felt maxson kick (from the outside) at 19 weeks exactly. at 19.5 weeks i felt the first kicks with these boys! it was such an exciting day! funny thing is, during ultra sounds, baby B(my left baby) is always the SUPER wiggly one, that boys never stops moving. baby A (on my right) moves, but not nearly as much. well it felt like it was the baby on the right, baby A that i could feel the kick from! funny huh? we had the anatomy scan at 18.5 weeks with them with a high risk doctor and everything looks great. they couldn't tell if it was one placenta or two, and were going to look closer at that. i sure hope it's 2! she said we may not be able to tell just because it's already getting pretty squished in there, but we could see the membrane separating them. i'm beginning to feel a lot less room when i bend over to get something, not looking forward too much to not being able to bend over much especially with all of the messes maxson makes on the floor, ha.

we found a video last week of me pregnant with maxson at 39 weeks and OH MY GOSH. I WAS HUGE. seriously you guys, so big. my nose was swollen, my whole face, my belly was ginormous, the bigness just never ended anywhere. we talked about baby names and oddly enough, maxson was the last name we mentioned. we weren't sure if it was maxwell or maxson on our baby name list we liked. i complained about being 39 weeks : "i'm so tired, my fingers are swollen and numb, my back hurts, it's so hard to sleep, casey is so nice and massages my swollen ankles, i feel fat, i just want to be done being pregnant" etc. oh poor pregnant full term kimber, i really was miserable there at the end, ha. i hope i don't swell as much this time :( i just don't grow gracefully as a pregnant woman i've decided.

pregnancy this second time around is definitely going faster, hopefully that will prove to be the case at the end too, maxson just keeps me so busy and occupied and can't only focus on being pregnant now. it is such a fun thing to be pregnant though, i rather enjoy this amazing thing my body does. it's so crazy to think i'm growing TWO LITTLE HUMANS IN MY BODY right now! it truly is  miracle of life!


Cherri said...

yep amazing wonder

The Blackwelders said...

You look great Kimber! I miss being pregnant !