Tuesday, July 15, 2014

home video: june video

recently i went through my computer and cleaned up a bunch of the pictures to put on the back up hard drive to help my computer run faster. what prevents me from doing this more often is videos. you see, once the videos are off my computer and only on my backup hard drive it's hard to make these little videos. but sometimes i'm lazy and just never get around to making these videos. somehow i got june done whiz bang fast which means my computer is now lovely empty for more photos and videos to be downloaded. i present to you june 2014, maxson is 18 months old.

go here to see the video if you can't on the blog

here comes the sun by Instrumental songs music


Cherri said...


Andy Ballstaedt said...

I loved this one! So sweet. Very pretty little song in the background too. How do you get yourself to remember to video all the time? i never think of it. But they are so much more fun than pictures!

Jacie Saltzman said...

watching him eat and chuckle. ugh. i die. so stinkin cute! you have such a talent with these- they are awesome!

Blair said...

I love it! My favorite was watching him water the garden. How precious! And what a great place you live with your yard and close neighbors and your garden and everything! Man, I swear that boy gets cuter and cuter.