Friday, July 11, 2014

sick babies

sick babies are the saddest, don't you agree?
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a couple weeks ago we woke up to maxson screaming and as soon as i opened his door i knew what had happened (during that 45 min of awake time in the night i was ever so grateful to have my husband at my side helping me and max through it all. single moms were on my mind so much, how do those brave ladies do it alone?). you just feel so bad for your little one. here's some tips i've learned over the past year or so of dealing with sick little babies and toddlers

1. as seen from the picture above, we put down heaping layers of towels (old towels usually that are kept only for the purpose of this or drying off cars or cleaning up huge spills on the ground). you never know how many times in the night this will happen so if it does happen again, you just peel off that top layer of yucky towel and your little one has a new clean layer to sleep on. so much less work than crib sheets in the middle of the night. (lucky for us this night only consisted of that first episode and the layering of towels was never used, but better safe than sorry)

2. if any throw up gets on the floor or a couch, first use 2 spoons to pick up as much as you can. it helps not rub it into the fabric.

3. for car rides we always travel with an old/extra 72 oz plastic cup you get from gas stations, so much better than a bowl. also for the car, keeping the plastic bib on your child that has the catching pocket at the bottom is great for unexpected bouts in between the episodes.

4. again for the car, putting down a big black plastic bag between your child and the carseat will protect the carseat from the worst of it (of course being safe to avoid belt attachment areas.)

what about you? i'd love for you to comment with any wise suggestions you do with sick babies/toddlers (this is a really enjoyable topic, ha), especially you mommas with much more experience than myself.

ps- speaking of sick little babies, maxson has surgery today to get tubes in his ears, he's had nearly constant ear infections or fluid on his eardrums since january so we're going to get it squared away. he's such a champ when it comes to pain, hoping he does well with it today!

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Andy Ballstaedt said...

Where do you come up with these ideas? Those are so smart!