Sunday, July 6, 2014

my little family, all ready for church

we had the most wonderful fourth of july weekend! what about you? i feel so truly blessed to live in this wonderful country, i love being an american, i'm truly proud of this land i live in and all that i enjoy because of brave people who fight for our country. i DO love the USA! i'll be getting to fourth of july photos hopefully soon! but here's some pictures from last sunday:

these 4 little pictures of myself and max make my heart just burst. this smile you see in these is the epitome of my little boy's smile. this is the smile i will always remember. and now whenever i see a picture of me with maxson and that little belly of mine i think "look, i'm with my 3 little boys."
 photo IMG_3394copy_zps3f7e6c8f.jpg
 photo IMG_3392copy_zps65e7f036.jpg
casey got a new shnazzy, custom suit and i absolutely love it. i need to get some detail shots of it soon because it is one great suit for a great price and i want to share it with you. maxson also wore his new (to him) suit that day and my boys looked so good together. i just wanted to kiss them both all over constantly that day.
 photo IMG_3387copy_zpsf38c4c22.jpg
our daddy is gone most the morning long on sundays and runs back home to get us for church. i'm grateful for a husband who serves so diligently in his calling. i'm also grateful for this time where i only have to get one child ready for church. oh how i love this little family of mine


Suzanne and Nate said...

We all do!!! Actually those pics. of you with Maxson are the best. LOVE them. and I actually noticed Casey's suit and meant to ask if he's always had it, and I was just now noticing, I've always wanted to get Nate a light gray suit. Looked good! and Max in a suit, is so adorable...he looks like a little missionary.

Andy Ballstaedt said...

Such beautiful pictures! and writing. I must know where you got that skirt?!