Wednesday, July 16, 2014

2 of everything

i feel like i'm beginning to accumulate 2 of everything in my life because of these twins. wow twins are way more expensive than a single child. i mentioned this to a mom the other day who has twins boys and then 1 younger boy, and she totally disagreed. i was mainly referring to clothes, so she said just do laundry twice as often, but that is not the case. so here is my list of everything that i will need twice the amount of the same size because it's twins:

winter coats.
winter boots.
tennis shoes.
church shoes.
shoes in general really (snow boots, rain boots, sandals, water shoes, etc)
swim diapers.
church clothes (especially white shirts).
sports gear.
winter hats.
winter gloves.
snow pants.
fleece lined pants (maxson wore that 1 pair like all of winter).

and other items in life you must have 2 of:
pack-n-plays (because we're a traveling type of people)
high chairs.
sports gear yet again.
baby carriers (ergo/bjorn etc)

and the list goes on. there's plenty more stuff i'm missing that twin moms end up buying 2 of because they twins and i will deal with that when i come to it, but for now, yes twins are much more expensive. ooy...

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AN Petersen said...

Its funny that she said they wernt because hello, anyone would say there were. Hopefully you still have one of alot of things from maxson so you only have to buy one more of things. Speaking of, are you still gonna do cloth diapers? Having a toddler and baby in them I keep thinking of you and having twins in cloth diapers, ugh no fun.