Wednesday, July 2, 2014

little love letters

(casey read these all in jimmy fallon thank you note style, you should too)

dear maxson's naps: sometimes you confuse me. mostly you're 2-3 hours long. sometimes you surprise me and last 3-4 hours long. and then sometimes you baffle me when you abruptly end after 45 minutes because i flushed the toilet, but then again just last week you continued on for 2 more hours after the fire alarm was tested in our house. naps, you are strange sometimes…

dear chiggers: you are worse than mosquito bites, so much worse! the main reason i am excited to leave nebraska for the summer is to get away from you. yesterday i counted 8 of you awful little buggers. (i saw red dots and assumed that's what you were because there's no way a mosquito could get to that area). you guys are awful and i hate you so much. friends in western states: be ever so grateful you don't have chiggers

dear casey: i know you are kinda of sick of going to school but thank you for working so hard for our family. your commitment to learning amazes me and will pay off in time. i love you oh so very much!

dear twins: you still consume my mind, but with a little less fear now. where will we all sleep? how will we make this all work? are you guys ok with pack n plays, because that kinda seems like the easiest sleeping accommodations for 2 more babies at the same time (ya know, because i kinda want to keep max in his cage crib as long as possible…)

dear street outside our house: why must you tempt my little maxson so much? he just wants to be your best friend but we both know that's not possible. be less exciting to him, will ya?

dear stairs: i sure wish there weren't two sets of you in my home. you make laundry a marathon of  a workout especially now that i'm pregnant, geeze.

dear wallet, phone, and keys: will you stop getting lost already? are you in collaboration with each other to make myself miserable? just stay put in one area why don't ya?

dear home videos and photo albums: i sure wish you guys made yourselves. you kinda dangle over my head all month/year long…

dear bandwagon: we have officially joined your team i suppose. we've been watching the USA soccer games with much excitement at our house. not sure why we were very excited, it was soccer, not to bang on soccer, but ya know, it's just not a HUGE USA thing, get my drift? well it was exciting. casey was hooting and hollering at our house. suddenly he couldn't possibly leave the game for 5 minutes to help in the kitchen, because he couldn't miss any of his favorite sports game (eye roll). the seats on your wagon seem to have a little extra give room which i do appreciate. we're sad you have come to an end

dear Facebook: you are so annoying. when i scroll through my feed, 75% of you is links to stupid articles and such that my "friends" share or like that I DO NOT CARE ABOUT EVER (i've become really good at never getting sucked into any of those links). that's annoying. 15% of you is super annoying facebook statuses of "friends". but it's that last dang 10% of statuses of my real friends that i actually care about and what to know about that makes me stay with you, ugh, i don't like you but you force me to stay friends with you. clean up your act, mk?

dear belly: you are growing at an incredible rate. each week i feel like i multiply in size, it's kinda incredible. still can't believe there TWO babies inside of me as i write this. totally wild. although i will want you out sooner than later, please ignore me and stay in there until at least 37 weeks.

dear computer: you are beginning to become unreasonably slow. you have 21 more months to live and then you can choose to do whatever you'd like. but please, last until then, mk?

dear cookies: 19 months ago my friend brought you to me after i had maxson and i thought i died and went to heaven. i begged her for the recipe but she never could remember which recipe exactly you were. well 19 months later she found you, and shared you with me. i created you in my home 2 nights ago and you are just as amazing as i remember. and then i gobbled you up in 3 days time

dear maxson: you just woke up after a 13 hour slumber and were happy as could be when i went in there, few things make me happier :)

also to my only son: your drinking out of bowls skills (ya know, after cereal) amazes me, bravo son.

dear lover buns: we're going to grow old and die with each other one day and that makes me very happy.


Cherri said...

dear Kimber: I love you. :)

Alissa said...

What a fun post. However I couldn't get Jimmy fallon's style, I could only hear you saying them. :)