Saturday, June 1, 2013

tids and bits from AZ

oh arizona, how i have missed you!
we've been quite busy yet very relaxed here.
i think the quite busy part is a combination from the mr 5 month old who requires lots of attention/activities these days mixed with a mr 5 month old who has decided the month of may to be officially named naps-from-hell month.
though still such a happy baby when he's awake, HOW?!?!
visiting every US time zone over the course of a month isn't helping our case either.
the first morning we woke up in AZ, maxson decided wake up call was at FOUR AM!!!
definitely not my most favorite thing to do at 4 am.

we got in the water somehow nearly everyday we've been here,
it's been vundervul.
we ate lots of yummy food.
we played with all the fun cousins.
we went to a diamond backs game.
we went to a dance recital.
we went to the temple.
we got a new daddy that has no hair on his face!
and lots of other fun things.

this was maxson's activity every morning  we were in az:
bringing the walker out to the big patio in the backyard and just scooting around for a long time.
it was a nice big area for him to just go!
and since it's such nice weather between 6-8 am, we spent a lot of time out there in the morning.
ya heard right 6 am! this little baby didn't adjust his time zone waking up too much for us :/
his walking/pushing with his legs skill got real good with these walkers in indiana and arizona
we three like these walkers so much, we found ourselves our own once we got back in nebraska pronto!
 photo IMG_9352_zps1f66d38e.jpg
we played lots and lots and lots with cousins
do you see evolett's hilarious unibrow looking thang? ha, it's just the increase on her forehead when she brings up her eyebrows, so funny though
 photo IMG_9309copy_zpsec4fc169.jpg
 photo IMG_9329_zps06edf132.jpg
we just had to get a picture of the 2012 babies together (britton is missing though)
they're all relatively the same size and all straight up blondies!
left ruthie // 14 months // just started walking (and looked like a very wobbly frankenstein)
middle maxson // 5 months // just started sitting up
right evolett // 11 months // just started walking (and looked like a very stiff football player/person from the movie walle) (and a wee bit bigger than the other two:)
 photo IMG_9341_zps9dd9de1a.jpg
went on a bike ride around the neighborhood with granny.
as always with my son, no emotion.
he didn't look like he enjoyed the bike ride nor did he not like.
he just kinda stared the whole time at everything or when i looked at him on my bike, he was just starring at me.
i like to think he's just analyzing it all, taking it all in.
 photo IMG_9633_zps8cc04548.jpg
 photo IMG_9638copy_zps12d4730d.jpg
we had a dinner at my brother's house with his cool new grill that smokes stuff too,
way yummy!
the night was perfect weather.
we all hung out in the backyard as the kids ran everywhere,
maxson slept in granny's arms (pictured 4th picture down),
and food was eaten.
probably my favorite night while we were there.
no special ocassion of everyone getting together other than to get together.
 photo IMG_9597_zps22d4dff3.jpg
 photo IMG_9602_zps925a3a5a.jpg
 photo IMG_9614_zps11023389.jpg
on another ocassion we celebrated megan's birthday (with more oreo cake:)
and had the first watermeleon for us of the season,
and maxson's first taste of watermelon ever, he loved it i'd say.
 photo IMG_9608copy_zps6f3814c2.jpg
 photo IMG_9618copy_zps3dcb42b7.jpg
papa introduced maxson to ear muffs, max thought it was a hoot hearing and then not hearing granny's voice.
 photo IMG_9657_zps8ba72a5a.jpg
we ended the week with a spectacular sunset out the backyard.
this is the same sky about 3 minutes apart,
i love how the colors can change so quickly.
i'd say 5 nights out of 7, the sunsets are amazing in the valley, i love it.
 photo IMG_9645_zpscce959a0.jpg
 photo IMG_9648_zpsfd90267a.jpg

other activities (that i'll hopefully share later from phone pictures):
diamondbacks game,
a nieces dance recital,
tia rosas,
meeting up with another friend's cute baby,
bahama bucks,
and the first time tasting watermelon, a lemon, and bahama bucks!


Anonymous said...

max is getting so big.

loved the picture of the sunset changing.

glad to see casey shaved.


Cody and Camille said...

Max Is a rockstar In The Walker! Too Cute! And I Love His New Shoes. Granny's Bike Rocks.
PS Don't Know Why Every Word Is Capitalized:)