Friday, June 21, 2013

and go

my charger is broken and i can't use my computer anymore.
do you know how much i hate being not able to get on my computer.
i also hate that i want to be on my computer so much.
but i just keep thinking 
i have pictures to upload!
blogs to blog!
videos to edit/make!
i want it back!
right now i'm using casey's old computer and it of course works just well enough but it's not my computer.

mentionables over the course of the past week:
1. maxson's on the move! scooting everywhere, i can't believe it! i put him down but 10 minutes later he's in a totally different area, it's so fun to see him very slowly move to get to a toy. mostly he does the downward dog move for a little bit, then brings his knees in closer, goes flat to his belly, reaches forward and starts the process again. all this creates very slow forward movement though it's happening!

2. casey was out of town for almost 4 whole days last week! luckily maxson was really easy when he was gone and i didn't get too tired, but by sunday night when he returned suddenly all my non-tiredness-this-is-easy stuff came crashing down and i was so worn out! those 15 min mommy breaks throughout the day are priceless to have!

3. father's day was uneventful (sadly). casey got home at 7:15 from his dental conference as mentioned above, and i made spud burgers for him and two other dads whose families were still out of town from their dental conference. spud burgers sounds like the weirdest meal, and it kinda is, but casey's grandma used to make it and he requests it every once and awhile!
open a hamburger bun.
place a hamburger on one side.
place a heaping ton of mashed potatoes on the other side.
slather both sides in gravy (i just use packet gravy's, this time turkey was what i had on hand).
barbaric-like manly.
let me know if you try it!

4. maxson's talking has reached a new level. of course not real talking but he's constantly making sounds, moans, grunts, spits/blows bubbles. just lots of cute baby talk going on around here

5. i can't believe he's 6 1/2 months old. SIX AND A HALF!!! on friends' and family members' birthdays of 25 i tell them they're closer to being 30 than they are 20, and that probably makes them feel bad but i think it's funny. well flip the joke on me, i was thinking my baby is now closer to being 1 than he is to being a new baby! i want to cry every time i think about it! it goes TOO STINKING FAST so i'm trying to soak each day in. i also wonder how in the world people can only have 1 child? only getting to enjoy this adorable baby stage once?

6. more on maxson because he is my life right now: he is getting more playful by the day. his excitement level keeps building each day when we hide (behind doors and walls and furniture) to play peek a boo with him, just yesterday he began tensing up his whole body in excitement after we'd pop out and added a new giggly, overly excited laugh to it, I LOVE HAVING A CHILD AND BEING A MOM.  i really don't think i could be happier!

7. on the note of happiness and children, maxson really does make me so happy all day long. there's only maybe 6% of the day right now where life with him seems hard and that 6% is usually is only when he wakes up from naps too early. but really, this whole motherhood thing is magical. the first week you're love drunk in cute new babyness. the first 2 months are a blur of cuddleness. months 3 and 4 is beginning to be awakness and cuteness. and 5 and 6 he's interacting and becoming a little person to play with and don't even start me on the cuteness overload because now he gets SUPER excited when i come into the room/view and cloud 9 couldn't be closer! i know the coming months are so fun too though, raising this baby is so fun!


Nicole said...

Reading this gets me so pumped for baby girl get here! Isn't is so great how each baby stage is fun? You and Maxson are too cute.

Cherri said...

oh my goodness.....

Melissa said...

#5 AGREE!!!!!!!!!!