Tuesday, June 4, 2013

from happy to sad

not going to lie, maxson has been having a pretty rough life/time since saturday which has been wearing on the whole house.
saturday and sunday he had a fever and runny nose and was fussy/moany all day long.
we decided it was teething since my neighbor, who's a PA (hi, tasha!) checked to make sure it wasn't an ear infection, which it was not.
poor max was seriously just having the roughest of days (and nights...ooy), i felt so bad for him.
then monday he had his 6 month check up and seemed a little fussy but nothing compared to the previous 2 days so i was thinking it was going away.
then he got he got his shots and the day followed in suit of the previous.
i just want happy, content, smiley maxson back :(

on a happier note,
some cute pictures from the days leading up to the not so happy days
 photo IMG_9804copy_zps6be9f89f.jpg
 photo IMG_9810copy_zpsa8551e82.jpg
 photo IMG_9786_zpsb10718f9.jpg
 photo IMG_9785-1_zps47cb1d38.jpg

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Cherri said...

He is sooo cute so sorry to hear of the unhappy side but there must be opposition.... ha.... he looks preety good in that sailor looking hat.... cant believe he is not ripping it off.