Tuesday, June 4, 2013

wyoming graduation

the weekend before we took our trip to indiana, casey decided we should go to wyoming the week after arizona for his sister's high school graduation.
problem: school started up again that week :/
so while i stayed in arizona a little while longer, casey flew back to go to school for a couple days and then drove to wyoming.
i flew to utah (by myself with max!!!!!!!!!!! turned out not to be a big deal because he slept before take off until we got to the car, good little baby) where casey's mom picked me up and we drove the next 3 hours to his home in wyoming (one of the worst car rides ever for max and myself, i don't think either of us were feeling very good).
so casey drove and i flew and we both ended up in wyoming the same night.

the following day was tayli's graduation!
she seemed so happy and we were glad we got to be there for her.
because casey's dad, brad, is on the school board he got to give her her diploma, so tender :)
 photo IMG_9695copy_zps2882237b.jpg
 photo IMG_9707_zps30f47cca.jpg
 photo IMG_9728_zps637c004a.jpg
 photo IMG_9732_zps9b6fb7d8.jpg
 photo IMG_9730copy_zps9a5f86d1.jpg photo IMG_9740copy_zpsac7fd17a.jpg
as per tradition, we just hung out with the family,
watched the children play,
and went to a little graduation party the next day for tayli.

congrats again, miss tayliann!
that little doll is headed to utah state to begin her college career!

sidenote: somehow brad and nan were able to get maxson to smile so easily!
2 proud parents over here for our non-smiley-for-others baby :)

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