Thursday, June 27, 2013

fotos de iphone

a. constantly trying out crawling mode
b. not exactly the right way to put the paci in, but if it floats your boat!
c. high chair loving
d. my early morning cougar fan
 photo Jun232013_zps31b29efc.jpg
a. excitement for getting out of church clothes!
b. he started in the circle of toys and somehow scooted over yonder
c. first time in the shopping cart, tear tear, he's growing up!
d. look at those cute baby boy sunday clothes, and that there skirt was made by yours truly in my buy sewing class nearly a year ago, i finally fit it!
 photo Jun2320132_zpsd9d6ed56.jpg
a. trying to escape
b. storm clouds in nebraska
c. one day i looked over to realize my baby was actually looking at his toys, picking them up one by one to examine, tossing it to the side and starting on the next, it's almost like i can see him growing in front of my eyes! he loves little hot wheels cars.
d. more post church fun
 photo Jun2320131_zps835a4364.jpg
a. outside air throwing
b. book club mini (and adorable) s'mores with sprinkles
c. probably my favorite outfit for maxson right now, plaid church shirt romper? 50 cents at a garage sale? yes please!
d. watching the church broadcast last weekend. he fell asleep soon after this picture. cue melting. i don't think i'll ever get over the happiness that comes to my soul when a babies falls asleep in your arms.


Suzanne and Nate said...

Hey I totally LOVED your skirt...really your whole outfit was SOOOOO cute! And hooray for book club!

Shane and Clara said...

okay, I totally need a tutorial on how you put your phone pictures into that quad arrangment. I so need to post my phone pictures....they document these random, not to be forgotten moments. i love how you post yours.
And I tooo love a baby falling asleep in my little 2 year old just climbed up in my arms a bit ago and fell right asleep. Love it!