Sunday, June 23, 2013

a very short story.

and we're back!
got a new charger for my computer and we're up and going,
i so happy.

90% of the time maxson is happy, content, wiggly, watchful, giggly, and pure happy.
 photo IMG_0093_zps9efb61e1.jpg
 photo IMG_0070copy_zps35db3312.jpg
 photo IMG_0111_zpsb7e8162c.jpg
 photo IMG_0094_zpsa8d0fcc2.jpg
 photo IMG_0077_zps40ad9229.jpg

but, sadly, sometimes we do get to this point.
poor baby.
 photo IMG_0065_zps8994619f.jpg

the end.


Purposely at Home said...

i hope today is one of those happy days. :)

i hope you have a great week!


Cherri said...

What a handsome man you've got there..... mom isn't so bad either.... no wonder that boy is so cute! Opposition in ALL things.