Friday, June 28, 2013

if you were maxson

you would love to be in the bumbo watching momma in the kitchen.
but after 5-10 minutes of watching her you wouldn't quite so love it.
so then the momma would start giving you kitchen things to play with:
wisks, oven mitts, cups, you know, really fun kitchen stuff.
and then you'd be satisfied until the dishes were done.
 photo IMG_0133copy_zps1f43cfe8.jpg
you would devour oranges.
and once the slice was all juiced out, you would MOAN for more
 photo IMG_0131_zpsbd68c58f.jpg
you would love being outside with momma,
not caring if it's hot or humid, bugs or no bugs, day or night.
 photo IMG_0124_zps360f67f3.jpg
 photo IMG_0114_zps482762b2.jpg
 photo IMG_0120copy_zpsd91cd576.jpg

if you were maxson you would have started LEGIT CRAWLING YESTERDAY!
go baby Max!
he's got the arms and leg movements down, slow, but they're there,
we're excited for him to be on the move!

ps- i put my blog on bloglovin'
apparently google reader isn't going to work starting july 1st, so if you follow my blog, or any blog for that matter, via google reader, you can now do so on bloglovin.
maybe i'll try getting the hang of it too!


Melissa said...

HA! Stop beating me to the punch!! I guess you can since your baby is technically older. But i was just about to post about oranges. Ellie FREAKED out when the first one was all gone. Max's sweater is adorable :)

Purposely at Home said...

a-dorable! yep, i think i would totally love that bumbo too--best invention ever. :) go maxson!