Thursday, May 30, 2013

tids and bits from indiana

so remember when we left town for 3 weeks traveling what seemed like everywhere to go visit family?
well how about we talk about that.

so first stop was indiana to visit casey's brother's family and be there for his dental school graduation!
as always, we have the best time with them.
played games,
had yummy food all the time,
watched the children play,
played games,
and celebrated with cody in graduating from dental school!
just had a grand time together.
and this time the grandparents visited at the end of the week too!
it was so fun to them in their element of being solely grandparents without the cares of jobs, callings, and real life to deal with.

the main reason we went:
their 4 years went by so quick and it gave casey a glimpse into the future.
we're so happy cody (and camille) made it :)
apparently jaden was too...
 photo Untitled-8_zpsca847600.jpg
 photo IMG_9174_zpsc6434433.jpg

maxson learned how to sit up while we were there and i was one proud momma.
seeing your baby learn these new things is just the best.
it felt like he just started doing it one day by himself,
all in an instant!
no falls or anything.
(the first picture was maxson and casey during the graduation ceremony, i thought it was funny)
 photo IMG_9048copy_zps256c781f.jpg

grammy is just the funnest, she got out there with jaden (3) and played their own very intense game of baseball.
the rest of us adults couldn't help but join in on the fun.

when cody and casey are with their father, i think it's just a riot.
add in our 3 hooligans and it's even better
 photo IMG_8947copy_zps94557c7e.jpg

we got to have a mini celebration of miss brielle's one year birthday!
she is just a little sweetie pie.
by the end she was finally comfortable with both casey and myself and would crawl over to our legs to hold her, made my heart melt!
and as i mentioned in another post, she too began taking her first steps while we were there,
so fun to see
 photo IMG_8970copy_zps5540f34b.jpg

more of these 3 cuties
 photo IMG_8899copy_zps909914aa.jpg

and more of grammy playing with the littles,
she rocks
 photo IMG_8886_zps100f3ec7.jpg

so glad we made the trek,
thanks for having us, cutlers!

and i forewarn you, there'll probably be a phone picture post from this trip too, since i haven't downloaded that yet

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Cody and Camille said...

Oh tenderness!:) We LOVE it when you guys come visit us. Do keep coming... and coming... and coming :)