Thursday, June 6, 2013

picturas de iFono

i'm just gonna put a hodge podge of happiness/pictures in this post :)

a. trying out a little banana
b. snow on may 2...ugh
c. family cuddle time
d. pretty baby eyelashes. he actually wasn't born with any eyelashes so we are proud of their growth
 photo Jun320131_zps7880f345.jpg

a. driving out to indiana, listened to the book the power of habit, way fascinating, people
b. always stopping at subway for our roadtrip meals, i wish they had some kind of a frequent flier card there because we'd have gotten so many free subs in our lives
c./d. playing in the backyard in indiana with camille, brielle, and jaden
 photo Jun320132_zpsf72aa9cc.jpg
the few from 3 feet tall yet again, compliments of jaden or "jarrrrrr" in casey's words
 photo Jun320133_zps18e97f3a.jpg
 photo Jun320134_zps4de37672.jpg
a. first time sitting up by himself for a long time, go maxson!
b. nom nom nom, spoons
c. he went through this phase in indiana to grab his toes, suck his bottom lip, and  moan/whimper
d. batman playing on the iPad
 photo Jun32013_2_zps3917ae5c.jpg

a. our very windy walk
b. graduation for tayli! some parts were a little loud for maximus
c. graduation again, but that's my baby holding his own bottle! when did this happen????
d. more cuddling in the equality state (that's the nickname for wyoming, casey just told me. that i would not have guessed)
 photo Jun3201312_zpsf94ff40d.jpg

post traveling around the country:
a. more big boy bottle holding :(
b. walking in the driveway, a daily activity here in nebraska now
c. some rough nights around here ended up with a baby in our bed...
d. busy with blocks
 photo Jun3201313_zps2711be9c.jpg
a. all the little boys while in wyoming!
b. outside with our neighbors, grace and katie
c. memorial day bbq with friends
d. goodbye hangout for our neighbors across the street, the bennions.
 photo Jun3201314_zps984b4b7e.jpg
this last set of 4 pictures makes me so happy because we love all our friends so so so so much!

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