Tuesday, June 11, 2013

donut day!

i love donuts.
i really do.
some people love cupcakes, like that's their "specialty" dessert of choice.
for me, it would be donuts.
(chocolate chip cookies didn't make the cut for "specialty" dessert in my book, i'm not sure why, maybe there's a separate cookie category they are king over...)
i don't make donuts at home nor can i replicate their quality goodness.
so i really love donuts.
not sure how i've missed out on national donut day over the past few years, but i will make sure not to from here on out.

i met up with a couple of my friends to the all star downtown donut place in lincoln, Lamar's.
a. it was crazy busy.
b. my cute friends and our cute babies who apparently ALLLLLL like to eat their hands
c. i had the yummiest m&m sprinkled donut.
d. they ran out of donuts while we were there.
 photo Jun112013_2_zps1351b593.jpg

see you next year donut day!


Cody and Camille said...

Didn't know about nation doughnut day!!! How awesome!

Cody and Camille said...


Cherri said...

I have ALWAYS loved doughnuts....since I could walk across the street to the corner market and but one for the nickel I took from my big brother's drawer. Now they are starting to love me way too much which means I have to love them from a distance. Very sad but I am still in love!