Sunday, January 22, 2012

Casey Post #3 What would Tazz do?


So it was a nice week not having to go to school on Monday because of Martin Luther King Day. I don’t know how I am making it through this last semester because honestly I am ready for my undergrad to be over. Alright, so Kimber told me to talk about one thing so I will tell you about a funny saying that I came up with as a rebuttal to any of her trying to make me think she is right; and yes she is always right. So whenever I do something she doesn’t like or a difference that she has with something I like to do AKA: Videogames, Fantasy Sports, etc… there is always a reference to what would Jesus do coming from her. Yes, I know I know Jesus probably wouldn’t have played video games and he may have only saw a play of the Super bowl, but I could never find a rebuttal for this statement. We were in Arizona last weekend and Kimber’s parents have a dog named Tazz, she is a quite interesting dog that always just loves to whine at the back door until you let her in. She wont even fetch her ball anymore when the back door is open she thinks she is going to get locked out, it is a horrible game. You know sometimes a little annoying kinda stinky so you don’t want to pet her a whole lot, and so I got the bright idea to tell Kimber, well what would Tazz do? I think Tazz could care less, but to whack your face with her massive tail, eat anything in her path, and just want to be inside, when she is an outside dog. This phrase will always make us laugh and especially when I hear that phrase What would Jesus do? I will always think of What will Tazz do? Isn’t this rebuttal the best, c’mon, Tazz is almost like a little child innocent, carefree, really doesn’t as long as she receives a can of anything she can gobble up. I think it is pretty great!

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Annie said...

KIMBER!! Is this the same Tazz from YEARS ago? Or am i just going crazy??