Tuesday, January 10, 2012

little love letters.

dear school,
1 more semester at BYU with you and then we are FINISHED!...i don't know if i can make it though, i don't have near the motivation i started out with freshman year

dear valentine's decorations,
thank you for keeping our home happy and joyful. after taking down the christmas decorations, i looked at our house and thought wow...this house is so boring. before the christmas decorations were officially put away we had you plastered all over our walls.

dear ear muffs,
you're my 1st favorite winter accessory i own.

dear white puffy parka,
you're my 1st favorite winter clothing i own.

dear glenda,
you're still our favorite person living in nebraska right now.

dear cuties,
i love you dearly. i am determined that one day, i will have a whole tree of you in my backyard.

dear hunger games series,
thank you for accompanying us on our roadtrips to montana, arizona, and wyoming. all those miles were incredibly more bearable because of you.

dear inheritance,
please don't disappoint. k, thanks.

dear money spent in 2011,

dear cousins,
how doe we always have so much fun together? i mean really, it's just a hoot with you guys.

dear avacado,
you were brilliant on my buttered toast with salt atop you.

dear mother nature,
you should really think about snowing more often, come on now.

dear landlord and old neighbor next door,
i can't believe at least 1 of you is always home to let me in the house when i don't have keys, it's an absolute miracle every time. thanks for having a spare.

dear bangs,
some people don't recognize me at first, i kinda feel like a spy with these babies on my face.

dear vitamin C chewables,
hands down, you get the award for yummiest vitamin ever.

dear casey cutler,
you're the best. did you know that?

and just because i miss summer:

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Shane and Clara said...

Congratulations to you guys....your next adventure, off to dental school. The best thing about going to new, unfamiliar places.....you still have each other! People in nebraska will be so blessed to have you, whomever you meet. THe FINAL months in Provo.....oh, enjoy! Take it all in! Have no regrets!