Thursday, January 26, 2012

babies babies and more babies!

remember when i mentioned how FOUR of my sister in laws were pregnant a few months ago?
guess what?
there are actually FIVE sister in laws pregnant!!!!
all due about the same time crazy enough!

let's go through the list shall we?
I believe we shall :)

mrs. amanda will be having a BOY in april
mrs. blair will be having a GIRL in march
mrs. megan will be having a GIRL in june
mrs. camille will be having a GIRL in april
mrs. kerri will be having a BOY in april
i tried linking up to where it was announced what they were having,
sorry if you can't see blair's, it's on her facebook. 

wowza, right?

and to add some fun to the mix miss whitney will be marrying into our family, via kirk, in march too!

we are so completely thrilled for all these girls, all 6 of them!

we're kinda obsessed with all our nieces and nephews :)


Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Thanks for the shout out!! Looks like your fam will be getting more girls!! How fun. Tell Blair I will send her some boy vibes next time so she can send me some girl ones...LOL! I bet it is going to be so fun having all of them around the same time!! So when is it your turn?? LOL, I know not yet..jk!! Anyway, thanks again...YAY for Uncle Casey and Aunt Kimber!!

Shane and Clara said...

Yay! I send my congrats to all of your brothers and their wives! That is exciting....and having them so close in age will be FUN as they grow up, as cousins!!!

Oh, and I had no idea Amanda was such a talented sewer! I love her blog about all her sewing projects.