Friday, October 21, 2011

good news minute

i have secrets.
quite a few secrets to tell might i say.

today i will share with you one of the many!

i have 3 SILs on my woodruff side.
and guess what? all 3 are pregnant!
they're all due March, April, and May!
yay for babies! 2012 will be so much fun!!

i'd love to share with you a few more secrets...
but can't...
maybe in a few months i will.
me being pregnant is not one of those secrets, so stop pointing fingers people :)

actually i will say one more,
my SIL, kerri, on casey's side, is pregnant too!

our plans this weekend include:
football game,
i also have a late birthday-brother post to share with you!

have a wonderful weekend!


Jacie Saltzman said...

are you le pregs? i dont like the secret guessing games. haha how totally inappropriate is it that i just straight up ask u? haha im that girl.

AN Petersen said...

Yay for babies! But not yay for secrets.... : ( ha ha