Friday, January 20, 2012

feeding the ducks.

so last week, abby came over and we played.
we had a grand old time too.
she just cracks us up.
when she was over, we went to the duck pond.
remember last time we went to the duck pond?

so we braved the cold and took our walk.
it was so fun watching her and those ducks.
she loved chasing them and was just so carefree.
i wish i could just bottle up that energy she has and use it for myself at the gym.


provo people:
go feed those crazy ducks that stay in provo during the winter,
they need their food.

and from the phone:


Sarah said...

Kimber!!! I love your hair. your bangs are adorable and so chic. (I'm not sure how to spell that but they look great on you!) love you

LaraMackenzie said...

girl, that hair is fabulous! what a bold move. a really, really great bold move. i love it.