Wednesday, January 25, 2012


1. tristan is ridiculously adorable.
2. we finally got some good snow in provo, yay!
4. we bought ourselves bowling shoes for our anniversary. yayyyyyyy.

did you know i love chocolate chip cookies?
i LOVE chocolate chip cookies.
if i could only have one dessert the rest of myself, it'd be chocolate chip cookies.
i don't make them very often anymore because i totally gorge myself on them.
literally, i make myself sick because i eat so many.

but anywho, here's some of my basic tips and tricks for cookies!

 my long time go-to recipe has been the nestle toll house recipe.
always stellar.
(i do often add just a little bit more flour than what it calls for, maybe an 1/8th of a cup for 1 batch).

when ever it says butter, always use crisco, the yellow baking crisco.
it makes all the difference.

semi-sweet is the popular choice for cookies.
but, milk chocolate chips are EVEN BETTER.
try it.

lately i've been using cookie recipes that use vanilla pudding powder as an ingredient.
super yummy!
again, try it.

last sunday we made 2 new cookie recipes.
here's my verdict:
1.  pretty normal. nothing overly amazing about it. i had to add like 1/3-1/2 c more flour to make it more fluffy and once i did that it was much better.
i'd make this recipe again but not next time.
2. surprise ingredient: cornstarch. turned out incredibly yummy, i'd say. fluffy and chewy. very much enjoyed. we liked this one so much and will for sure be trying this one again!

if you have any strong preferences on cookie tips/recipes, do share!


AN Petersen said...

I tried that best ever one like two weeks ago, and i didnt like it very much. I thought it had an odd flavor.
I very much agree with using butter flavored crisco, yum-o. That is my favorite way to make chocolate chip cookies. The recipe inside the crisco container thing,it is a great recipe.

Whitney & Devin said...

I just posted about cookies today too hahaha! And I always use milk chocolate! Definitely the way to go! XO

Carly Reid said...

So I have a curse where my cookies ALWAYS turn out FLAT. when you say you add more flour, does that make them thicker and taller? (like the ones in your pic). I would love to be able to make cookies that aren't FLAT!!!