Tuesday, January 31, 2012

happiness has arrived!

this is my 2nd year i've made our "family photo albums" from MyPublisher and am so happy with the result!
the quality is absolutely wonderful.
i love the layouts and options.
i really do just love it all!
at the beginning of each year they have this smokin' deal for their 100 page photo albums,
i put mine together pretty quick (blogging about your life and making collages before for those posts made it a zip).
we were so excited to get it.
we sat down and flipped through the pages reminiscing over the past year's events:
oh, that was so fun!
oh my gosh, remember when you did that?!
i loved that trip.
i love that picture.
oh, i miss them.

those were all very common phrases, but so true!
making the album is like making a present for yourself, and then they wrap it for you and you get to open it!
it's the best!
i don't do writing in the books,
i may go back and add in my own cute stickies/notes and stuff about events later,
but for now, i like the crispness of the photos on white.

if you're wanting to make yourself an album,
definitely consider MyPublisher.
they rock.

(plus, is you sign up with them and say cutlercoupon referred you, i get a $20 credit to my account which would be cool too, but not necessary :)
for your own comparison sake if you order from them,
i paid $45, i think, with shipping, for a 100 page, high quality book,
again, that's a crazy awesome deal, so if you get close to that #, do it,


Danielle and Trev said...

Love this idea!!! I've been thinking to do some kind of blog book or scrapbook like this for a while. We used something like this for our wedding guest book and I absolutely love it.

kelsey ann said...

such a great idea kimber! i'll have to look into it (if i do one i'll mention you ;) )

Scottie and Megany said...

you need to bring them over so we can see them on sunday! thats awesome!

Tori said...

that's awesome! smart idea!