Thursday, January 12, 2012

2nd week class post; ARIZONA

For week 2 of my little class blog, I think I will talk about our little trip to Arizona that we are taking late this evening. I am pretty excited to start listening to the last Eragon book, Inheritance. I hear it is pretty good, but may surprise us at the ending. No matter it is fun to take these road trips with my sweetheart. She really wants to help out driving, but ends up sleeping most of the way anyways. We are excited to attend a wedding of one of our good friends. Also, We love spending time with our little nieces down there, and cherish every moment of Bahama Bucks we can ingest. I will someday own a franchise of that Heavenly place. I know a Dentist owning a snow cone shop?! It doesn’t make sense does it? I love any opportunity to spend with family, and it will be in the heat instead of the cold.

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