Monday, January 30, 2012

Brian Regan.

last october we bought out tickets to go see BRIAN REGAN in january!
that date in january has finally come and we had such and incredible time!!!
the journey to the concert was, stressful, to say the least.
teeth were bared, a few tears were shed, but we FINALLY found a parking spot.
parking downtown slc (when you have 10 minutes til your event) is terrible.
BUT, we made it, with time to spare!

we were beyond excited to be there.
joe bolster opened for brian regan and was indeed hilarious,
but once brian regan came on the stage our smiles were ear to ear for the next hour and a half.
it was just the best.
he is so funny,
his material is everday funny stuff that he exaggerates and it's SO TRUE!
for our future benefit and laughing fit.
here we go!

taking the christmas tree down.
the new year's moment and celebrating your life like new year's every moment: crazy
remembering people's names, has a j and a c...good luck
dancing, strobe-light dancing
the first words on the telephone
the feather pen
marching band...marching accountants, loop holes with no red flags
fixing the house, only knowing to point and mutter where it's broken.
telling people how to fix your house, the tool belt
greetings at a party...chest bumping some lady, homes/watson
getting older, small talk with doctor that you're in pain
guy on the camel- people throwing stuff at him
running for president, cain having to explain
no jokes at the airport
longevity analysis...not worth it to eat healthy
the other people named brian regan: convicted felon, screen writer
102 dalnmations
hair on the middle of his forehead
UPS again- people shake their head when he does it "wrong"
trying to understand mortgages, like a magic trick
checking in for a hotel room- zippitydooda and yippeiokaya...crazy guy always gets a room
guys don't talk about life while golfing, gary dating anyone?
octopus have 6 arms, 2 legs, lots of bad habits to ensue
when singers talk about why they wrote sad songs, awkward.

if you get the chance to go to a show of his, pay the money and GO!
so worth and such a great memory for us!

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Scottie and Megany said...

so glad you went and had fun! brian regan is awesome