Wednesday, January 4, 2012

the best phone call of our lives.

We are thrilled to announce that 
Casey has been accepted to the University of Nebraska's Dental School!
He will be part of the graduating class of 2016!
 i don't think this day could be any better!

this morning, Monday, January 4, 2012 at 10 am,
Casey received a phone call from an unknown number.
he answered, and realized it was Glenda.
Glenda works with the admissions committee and students applying for dental school, she's the median for the two.
as soon as he realized it was her, he knew there was only one reason she'd call: an acceptance to the school.

a little background: the school accepts 4 "WyDent" applicants a year, this means the tuition for these 4 students is a little different than normal, better than normal.
these 4 students are accepted Dec 1 and pretty much never ever say no.
so once Dec 1st passed, we both concluded that we'd put Nebraska to the side, and start hoping for the other schools.
when she called this morning, her words were "this hasn't happened in years, but the committee got together again, your name was discussed and they gave me the go ahead to send you an acceptance letter for dental school!"

like i said, best phone call of our lives.

casey tried calling me but i didn't answer ( i was at home, in bed still, debating on going to a class i was debating on dropping). 
my attitude and mood were just blah, not good, not bad, just blah.
i looked at my phone around 10:15,
saw 3 missed calls from casey, and 2 texts from him.
one said "i took the keys, hope you don't need the car to go anywhere" and "CALL ME!!!!!"
i thought nothing of the 2nd text,
I actually thought he wanted me to call him so he could remind me to bring him lunch today...haha.
i called him back, he explained Glenda from Nebraska called, and they've accepted him!
at first i was completely shocked, just stunned, no emotion other than surprised really.
then i started crying, bawling to be exact, knowing this only happened bc it's the Lord's will.
after i got off the phone with him, i was then elated and completely ecstatic as i realized we were going to dental school this year! we are actually going!
then suddenly i was scared, nebraska=cold, windy, flat, no family/friends, and 3 years of wyoming to come after dental school...
i quickly got over scared and just started crying again,
tears of joy.

after casey took all the tests, turned in the applications, and had the interviews, we knew it was all in the Lord's hands.
there was nothing more we could do other than depend on the Lord and have faith in him.
the last few months, i've thought of the saying that we need not fear things, but have faith in them.
we've had no idea what we were really going to do with our lives once graduating from BYU other than dental school.
we thought well what if we don't get in... and at that moment, we'd say to each other, well, we just need to have faith in the Lord, that whatever happens, happens because that's the Lord's plan.
as soon as i got off the phone, i prayed.
i prayed in earnest thanksgiving.
our prayers of the past year had been answered.
that was the only thing i could do: pray.

so proud of casey and his hard work!
we are excited to be 2 of the newest corn husker fans in the fall!
and excited to know what exactly we're going to be doing with our lives after BYU!

i am also excited to now be able to justify my future purchases of flannel sheets and more cute boots! 

a HUGE thank you to casey's brother, cody, a current dental student in indiana, who coached him through nearly every step of the process, you gave him tips and pointers at each step.
to our parents, they were so kind and always optimistic through all these months,
and lastly, amanda, thank you for helping improve casey's essay a MILLION fold. 


Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

YAY, this is so awesome!! Nebraska will be so fun for yall. What a blessing. Nebraska is by far the best dental school, so I hear. Really proud of Casey. Also he could not of done it w/o you so you need a huge thank you too. Very cool you guys. Really stoked for you both. Love you.


Jacie Saltzman said...

WOOOOOOOOHOOOO!!! that is so exciting!! congrats to casey and to you! its a team effort really. that is awesome!! what a relief. now u can have fun the rest of the semester!!

Melanie said...

Congrats you guys!! That is a great school to get into! It's exciting to see where all your hard work leads to. I've heard great things about Omaha too.

Brittany said...

That's awesome, congratulations you guys! I have to admit I'm a little sad it's not Indiana, but still super happy for you. ;)

Anonymous said...


Laura said...

Wow! SO exciting and awesome. A big CONGRATS to both of you!

Scott and Jamie said...

Congrats on the acceptance. It's such a fun time of your lives, you will meet some people you'll consider best friends! Wish you were coming here, but we'll be gone this summer anyways. Stock up on the winter gear!

Carly Stephenson said...

woooohooooo!!!! so excited for you guys!!!

Cherri said...

Yayaya for casey