Monday, January 2, 2012

1st annual crazy cutler games, minute to win it style.

new year's eve
first part :)
i decided we should institute the crazy cutler games for when we all get together at the holidays!
the cutler family has got some serious craziness going on and i wanted to harness it.
everyone was so willing to play and the competition was on!
we played a series of games vs each other and it was a hoot the whole time!

i conducted the event and played the video for each challenge before they began.

we played a bit dicey.
object: balance 5 dice on a popsicle stick that is held in your mouth
tayli and nan/mom rocked it.

object: transfer cotton balls from one bowl to the other using only your nose which you can dip into vaseline.
casey vs karlee.

object: inch worm a bath mat across the carpet around obstacles not hands allowed.
mom c vs cody
object: balance 6 nails on a string.
casey and dad c vs camille and cody

object: get 6 ping pong balls out of a tissue box that is attached to a belt.
by far my 2nd favorite one of all, shaking that box on their booty around!
mom c vs tayli

object: hike 10 toilet paper rolls into a hoop/frame with your partner
casey and dad c vs tayli and cody

object: by tilting an ironing board, get a golfball into the designated area.
casey and mom c vs camille and karlee

object: while holding a spaghetti noodle in your mouth, string 6 penne pasta noodles onto the spaghetti noodle.
tayli vs dad c

object: move a cookie from your forehead to your face using only you face muscles.
SO FUNNY, we were all laughing so hard!
dad c, casey, camille, and karlee.
little jaden got in on the action at the last minute,
we put the cookie on his forehead,
he'd try looking back at it til it fell off his head,
pick it off the ground,
and eat it.

it was such a blast playing together!
i'm hoping the crazy cutler games will continue for years to come!!!


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Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Oh my goodness, I am so sad we missed out. They look so fun. I have played a couple of those games at parties but awesome creativity. Junk in the trunk is by far my favy game too. Love and miss ya guys. Hope you had a great Christmas break!! Totally have to play next year:)