Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cutler Christmas: part random

The first day was too funny. Jaden was learning to play Sorry (and not enjoying it) while Max and Brielle are next to them fighting over Connect 4 pieces and Max is throwing them everywhere. It just set the mood for a family gathering real nice, ha
 Sunday was the blessing day.

Monday Brad, Derek, and Jaden went golfing. Hole 13 is right behind Cody and Camille's house and it was so fun seeing them come up and golf for a quick second and cheer them on! Brad actually got a HOLE IN ONE that day! Is that insane? 188 yards!!!!

We were able to visit the Mesa Temple light as a big family. So fun to see them all and be around the hustle and bustle of it all!

Random picture of (gangster Max) somehow sneaked it's way in the temple lights pictures. I did see one of my BFF's Amy while there! I love that girl and it was so fun to see a familiar face.
Bryson lining up all the cars by Quinn.
Cuddly Bryson.
Grammie and the babies
SETTLERS. We played settlers so many times and it was so much fun. We played the expansion pack for 5-6 players of the expansion pack of Cities and Knights and it was way fun. A way long game (that I actually quit early to go to bed) but a way fun one too. 
Babies and (wretched) video games.
My first super awful pinterst fail. At least Max had fun getting his hands all yucky. He was surprisingly obedient for it.
I turned around to fin Max had "shared" all his toys with Quinn. Sooooo cute 

 Baby Landon!
Celebrating Karlee's birthday!
The night of Karelee's birthday we had the most wonderful spiritual gathering where we watched the Share the Gift video and Brad Wilcox's talk on His grace is Sufficient. It was really a beautiful night.
When they went out fr Karlee's birthday to play laser tag it turned out to be this fun game place with lots of activities!

Carrrrrrrrrrs. Always gathering up all the cars.
Found him like this for his nap one day
The day all the boys went out golfing. Casey actually got to go with them!
The 6 cousins. It's crazy to think that in less than a year we went from 3 of them to 6 of them, and that's just between 2 families!
I love this SIL of mine, she's my kindred spirit that I'll forever love. I'm oh so glad we both married the brothers we did so we can be related!

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