Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Twinsies: 2 months

The twinsies at two months.

(Quinn left, Bryson right)
 Christmas edition

It was at 2 months to the day where they slept their first 6 hour stretch at night and it was AMAZING. I think I only slept for 4 hours of it and when they awoke at 3 am it was as if I could have started the entire day with full energy (that is how sleep deprived my body is!!!!)

The boys were blessed on December 21st in Mesa, AZ by their father, Casey, as well as a circle of other wonderful men in our families.

They've begun to track people with their eyes. So funny that they both do it at the same time, it's like when you put a dog bone in front of a dog and they can't help but track it with no break but this time there's TWO dogs! (Again, I understand I'm comparing my baby boys to dogs but you get the point, they're really cute when they do the exact same thing)

They've begun SMILING! And oh holy cow is it the best thing in the whole world. I just want them to keep smiling of hours straight but it's actually only a matter of seconds at one time.

They are rocking tummy time and head strength all together. Seriously I'm amazed at their progress and strength!

They both spit up a ton. I've cut out dairy (that's pure LOVE right there people if you understand my love for milk) cue sour/sad face. Almond milk just does not cut it. I think it may have improved their spitting up but who knows

They drink 2 oz of formula after each breast feeding session during the day, so I think like 4-5 times, to help fill them up from what I can't quite supply. In the middle of the night they just nurse and go back to sleep (thank goodness for that improvement because nursing and bottle feeding together in the night was exhausting and time consuming)

They are pros at the pouty lip, so flipping cute.

They're both pretty chill, not verily high maintenance. Of course they both love to be held whenever possible, but are often content when just hanging out on the floor or even just sitting being held, bless those boys.

They've evened back out into being the same eating quantity wise.

I still don't really think that one sleeps better or worse than the other because they're either on the same schedule or swap days on whosever hungrier first. More often than not I'm quite pleased and equally surprised that both of their sleeping stretched match each other: long/short naps at the same time. Of course sometimes it gets a little off but then I vow that the next day to help/encourage/force them to stay on more of the same schedule.

They've both been super awesome at going to sleep by themselves when I put them down drowsy. If I swaddle them, binkie them, dark room, white noise, and rock them for a quick minute I can put them both down still awake and they'll fall asleep eventually by themselves with little to no crying. Hallelujiah please do not change babies!!!!!!!!!!

We've been hearing baby cooing here and there when they smile and that too is so darn adorable. It's not until they start making noises like that that I realize they really don't make any noises at all except crying, ha!

They've both had stuffy noses on and off since they were born, it's been so sad. But they keep overcoming them! Crossing our fingers that continue in this strong immune system pattern!

Quinny's eyebrows kill me.
 Baby yawns are cuteness! (as well as pouty lips, and smiles)

Stats at 2 months:

I'll need to update this because I lost the paper :(
The boys are 10# 5 oz and 10# 10 oz, can't remember height or head size, but all their measurements are around the 20%ile (their adjusted age is more like 75%ile)

And for fun here is Max at 2 months. I see no similarities.


Cody and Camille said...

Miss those cuties! They are both so sweet. Love all the Christmas coordinating cuteness.

Suzanne and Nate said...

Can't believe how old they are already! Such handsome boys! Can't wait to see all of you guys again.

Petit L'oiseau said...

I'm absolutely not your doctor but talk to him before cutting out dairy! My boy twin Jack used to spit up LOADS and I thought it was something I was eating, but my doctor assured me the likelyhood it was dairy was very slim.
My doc told me that he just had an underdeveloped esophagus basically, and that it would resolve itself over time. And it's gotten SO MUCH BETTER. We did use any kind of medication, just had to suffer through lots of burping over the sink, but apparently it peaks at 4 months, and for us it has tapered off.
Just sharing some similar happenings here! <3