Monday, January 12, 2015

Babies growing

We took a little size comparison picture with Landon, Quinn, and Bryson. Landon is 7 months and my boys are 2 months.
(Landon is Cody and Camille's little boy)

And then after we took these photos we remembered we did the same thing with Brielle and maxson 2 years ago which called for a new comparison on them!
I think Brielle was 8 months and max was 2 weeks. Now Max is 2 and Brielle is 2 1/2
Let's go back to baby Landon's eyes, aren't they scrumptious? They are huge, bright blue, and have the longest lashes. You'd have to see them in person to appreciate them. 
And one more look at these cute twinies. (QB)
They look super identical to me in this picture.

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