Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas break: round 2 part 1

While we stayed at my parent's house I pretty much never brought out the big girl camera, sigh, but the iPhones we did!!!!!!! So here be our Woodruff Christmas break part 1!

Riding bikes with Granny. Whenever she brought it out he insisted he get to go out over and over and over. He loves bike rides with her.
New hair from my SIL Whitney! I'm beyond thrilled with the color, she seriously gets my wishes dead perfect every time I go to her. Mr. Bryson working those neck muscles! (And a little of my old hair too)
Cleaning the pool.
Baby holding, always baby holding. I'm guessing it's Quinn in both of these
Casey got to go with Cody and Camille's family to Schnepf farms on New Year's Eve. It was freezing and wet. They had fun a lot of fun together, wish I could have gone.

Freeeeeeeeezing cold kids

I stayed back with my family and the babies on New Year's Eve where we had our own little fireworks and played a bum load of games, it was the best. The traditional Balderdash with my parents, Bill and Jean, April and myself, that game just screams New Year's Eve with the Holmans to me :) After Casey came back with freezing cold asleep Maxson, we played Bananagrams, Jungle Speed, Taboo, Catch Phrase, and a couple's newlywed game. Oh how I love games and Logan and Blair are the perfect companions to the love of games.

We saved a couple fireworks for Max for the next night and he loved the "pop pop pop"
That momma and me.
My designated baby holders. BQ

Helping Kirk with the Motorcycles

Swear I've seen this scene before...
Wreaking havoc in the toy room where he napped.

Aaaaaaaaaaand part 2 tomorrow!

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