Monday, January 5, 2015

Busy but happy

This is a paragraph from one of my favorite blogs, 71toes. She just wrote it today. I couldn't have written it better and it truly sums up the last couple weeks of my life

I cannot believe the whirlwind of activity going on in our family for the last couple weeks.  In some ways I wish I had written more down...the sparkling of the eyes, the bursts of squeals of joy, the funny things the kids have said.  But sometimes capturing those kind of moments of stillness in your heart is better than any kind of written record.  I haven't even known were my computer is, let alone done any work on it.  I have loved soaking in every magical thing about our renewed appreciation for home and Christmas and new beginnings in a new year.  And I have treasured being fully present with my family through it all. 

Though I have been able to blog about a few things here and there before Christmas, I didn't get to truly write down feelings, and things said like I would have loved to. But I have treasured being so present and engrossed in our family (and babies).

I want to write about things like Casey being so engrossed in family history with my mom's help, life as a mom of twins and a very busy/mischievious 2 year old, about games with family members, thoughts on being a mother, the simplicity/hardness of going places, my love and longing to live in Arizona, the temple with family, the sweetest girls I met in my parent's YSA ward, the babies milestones and cuteness, my increasingly tiredness, hilarious moments with Casey, get togethers with some f my besties, get togethers with my Holman cousins and the incredible the difference in our lives (yet similarity too), all the mischief Maxson has made, my nieces and nephews undying love for my 3 kids, Maxson's increasing vocabulary and smartness, my renewed drive and determination to find spiritual moments in each day of my life, and and and. My list goes on but my fingers are tired. You get the point.

And now my fingers hurt from writing so much since I haven't done it in so long.

Until then, you can stay caught up with my mini blogging over on instagram, search kimbercutler

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Kammy Ellis said...

You're an amazing lady Kimber