Saturday, January 31, 2015

Going on a date.

A night out on the town without kiddies in tow is a rare find. Ahhhh, but that is life. 

A few weeks ago we had a day "date" with children in tow (let's be honest that's not a real date, cackle, cackle.). Ah, but we will continue with it being called as such. We went to COSTCO! (whenever we say Costco, we say it very loud an enthusiastically to let Max know it is a super fun place, he follows with a loud enthusiastic yell of some sort trying to say the word and totally not). Going to Costco was what felt like a whole day excursion. It took about half the day but that in turn wore us out for the other half of the day.  We do love Costco. And actually on the drive there we got a solid hour talking time with no interruption! That totally counts as a date. And on the way back we listened to the recent worldwide devotional for young adults. Very spiritually uplifting, it's a long one but find the time to listen to it and you'll be so happy you did!
Our hot lunch date at Costco.
BUT THEN last weekend we went on a REAL DATE! Like no kids, date, it was AMAZING! I felt young and free again, actually only kind of young and free because I still worried abut the children…sound asleep in their beds for the evening. Ha, ya, we didn't leave until they were all asleep in the evening. It was as if the babies knew we were wanting to go out because they gave us a hard time going to sleep and they never had done that before for evening sleep, that was weird.

But we went ice skating downtown! It was really fun (if you forget about how awful the ice was, how uncomfortable the skates were, and how all our afterwards-dessert places didn't work out). It was fun to just be together and be us again. Oh how I love us, I miss that phrase.

Oh hey Max!

And we ended our hot date at the grocery store (for doughnuts for Kimber THAT THEY DIDN'T EVEN HAVE ANYMORE).
Thanks, Katie, for sitting at our house with the sleeping children!

We've decided too make a bigger effort at finding one night a weekend for some kind of date time be that out and about or just a red box movie. I'm telling ya, we need that time together, and if we don't intentionally set time aside for us, we won't do it.


Jessie and Austin said...

I wanna babysit!! We are spoiled with family nearby so we want to pay it forward :)

Cherri said...

Yay for the YOU TWO TIME