Thursday, January 22, 2015

Twinsies: 3 months

I feel like these boys have turned from infants into babies! I just can't get enough of them. I'm deep in that phase of having the urge to eat them they're so cute, jeeze, and there's TWO! Seriously, I clench my jaw a lot to stop. Also I just want to squeeze them they're so cute, such a strong urge, am I the nay weird one who has to refrain from hurting their babies because you think they're so dang cute? Really, I still can't get over the fact that I had two babies at the same time and am taking care of two babies at the same time, it's still crazy!
look at where they came from just a short 2 1/2 months ago!!!!!! Such an insane change

What these boys are doing:

-Smiling like crazy! I just can't get over it. It's like we work all day to get them to smile at you and it's never enough smiles that you get because their faces are still so new to us we just want more! (greedy parents that we are). I feel like Quinn more easily will smile at you and his smile gets so big, it covers his whole face, it's just adorable. When Bryson smiles, it's a little harder to get out of him but his eyes absolutely LIGHT up. It's adorable that when you're looking at one baby trying to get them to smile giving them your attention you can see out of the corner of your eye the other baby just mesmerized by you yearning for that attention to. It kills you so you quickly give your attention to the second baby and it happens again with the other! You then continue playing this game because you can possibly gip one baby of your attention!!!!!

-Doing great at tummy time. Quinn is a baller when it comes to tummy time in the sky diving positions (back arched, feet up, head bent up) and will stay like this for quite awhile. Bryson isn't a fan as much, he loves it as soon as you put him down but quickly lays down and wants to be turned over, ha, but he's getting there!!!
(Quinn is the one with the higher head in each picture.)
 this is what Max does usually when I put them down for tummy time, he's so funny. And then he goes and kisses their heads back and forth and back and forth like he's seen it done before somewhere…where did he pick that up?
(Bryson head up below)

-They are champion sleepers. A little of it is because we're so exhausted as parents we've kind of always let them self soothe a little bit before we jump up to help, I also lay them down when they're drowsy or still awake. I attribute most of their sleepy success to the rock n play though, seriously, I think it's all because of that. At 3 months they take 3-4 naps depending on timing of it all. More often than not it begins at 1-1.5 hour nap, then a 2-3 hour nap, and then little 45 min-1 hour naps after that. They go to bed between 8-9 and sometime between 6-8 hours they'll wake up to eat. If it's after 6 they'll wake up twice in the night, if it's 8 hours, that's the only time they eat at night until 8 or 9 am, WAHOO!!!!! They're doing well now, but seriously, I put in my TIME to get to this point. It wasn't until they were 2 months that they slept anything longer than 4 hours, I was one tired momma. But I had been told by other twin moms that at 2 months is when it got better and it DID! Now at 3 months it's even BETTER!

(B-man below- I feel like I can SEE what this baby is going to look like when he's older, you can see the man he's going to be in these ones!)

-Their adorable chubbiness is getting better and better. I am so in love with it
(Quinn below, look at those little rolls!)

-Still breastfeeding for every feeding plus the 2 oz formula after day time feedings. One positive thing about being forced to give bottles/formula is that it does give me a little wiggle room when I go somewhere with or without them, or on dye that they're just that tiny bit more hungry it's there, and I don't have to stress that I am or am not producing enough. But I still absolutely love nursing them, it's the best.

-Baby cooing lots, Quinn is more talkative but Bryson jumps in to get in on the action too. It's so rewarding!!!! I daresay Quinn has gotten a few beginning chuckle laughs to start with too!!

-Moved them up to size 2 diapers this week! Mostly wearing 3-6 month size clothes

-Bumbo sitting is a favorite pastime (of mine at least). I put a magazine behind them once I can tell their necks are getting tired though. I love having them sit and watch what I'm doing. When we eat family dinner each night we put the boys on the table in their bumbos, Max sits in front of them in his chair and we're on each side, it feels so complete when we're all together for dinner. Usually they get fed up with being in the bumbo while we are eating so they end up on our laps, but still.

-They seriously have the best pouty lips, they're are so so so stinking cute
(Bryson below)

They're really chill babies, seriously I feel like I have scored in the baby department with all 3 of mine so far with their temperaments, their adjustments to schedules, their cuteness, etc. They are so easy I love it oh so much!!!!

and a few more pictures of them recently:
 Oh hey, Maxson! Cool bike!
The above and below photos are probably 3 weeks apart and they're in opposite spots, above is QB and below is BQ


I love these babies, oh how I love these babies so darn much!!!!!

Also, we've decided that overall Maxson looks like me much more than Casey. And the babies look much more like Casey than myself (when compared to our old pictures) I'll post some soon!

And for fun here is Max at 3 months

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Cherri said...

The top 3 month pic... compare the baby on right (Bryson's) eyes with Casey's eyes in the family picture on the left... so easy to see Casey in those babies faces!