Friday, January 9, 2015

Grammie's Christmas party // Bethlehem dinner

So Grammie Cutler does an annual Christmas stations event each year with the children (I think Grandma Christensen did this with the grandkids too from what I've heard). See two years ago here. It's so adorable to watch her get the kids fired up and excited about joining in in all the activities. She's so lively, the kids love it. I can't believe how well Maxsn follow instructions (probably to those in charge of the stations it was the exact opposite ha, but as a mom knowing your child's capabilities I was in awe watching and it made me think, man I want to do more thought our activities with Maxson). Here they are learning about what they're about to do.
 They all took turns individually at each station with the family member in charge of it. Here's uncle Derek with each child making fruit loop necklaces.

 Grandpa showed each child the Share the Gift video and they also wrote presents they were going to give to Jesus on pieces of paper. They then put those papers in balloons to let off that night. I felt so lucky to peek in on the room for a picture and here the sweet conversations.

 And thirdly the cookie decorating station with Uncle Cody! Sprinkles and frosting galore!

 Landon as a commentator, he's such a cutie
 Mid stations gathering (after a bunch of sugar already in their systems)
 Group hug at the end.
 Station followed by LUNCH!

 Even the adults want to watch the Grinch movie amidst lunch:) I just thought this was a really funny scene with everyone staring over there.
On Christmas Eve night we had a Bethlehem dinner courtesy of Cody and Camille. All parts were intended to mimic that of a meal Jesus would have eaten in his day which was so fun, it really helped bring in the spirit of Christ and think what it would have been like in His day. There was fish, rotisserie chicken, chopped fruits and veggies, pita bread, nuts, cheeses and wine (aka sparkling cider). It just felt so special to be apart of! Also everyone choice of clothing helped add to the fun as well (I'm continually amazed at the spirit of fun those Cutler boys have). As I tried caring for the babies while eating I was reminded of the mothers back in the day too with tiny babies while they were trying to eat on the ground and serve people and function. My respect for them, especially thinking of Christ's mother Mary, increased tenfold during that dinner. Oh also my added respect for them if dinner was often on the ground with wild two year olds destroying it all and not understanding their boundaries, let's just say I'm glad I didn't have to deal with those issues in their day. 

 After dinner Camille organized a special Christmas program for us with papers detailing what verses to be read, songs to be sung by the family or small groups and so on. The pages were even individually labeled with your name and highlighted with your parts so you could follow along more easily. That woman amazes me, it was so fun.

 These 3 boys were COMPLETELY willing and cooperative in singing "We 3 kings" together they were a hoot up there, the song was most graciously accompanied by Camille and turned into what sounded like a Pirate jig

 Mary and her donkey ;)


Jessie and Austin said...

The we three kings picture is hysterical. I can totally imagine the pirate jig.

Cherri said...

Pretty neat it all sounds like