Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cutler Christmas: part Christmas day

A very Merry Christmas from our (very large to me) family of five!
 I love Casey and Max's tired yet eager faces in these first 2 photos, totally a Christmas photo classic.
 So happy with his new play tent and tube!

 Kids are so funny to watch open presents. They legitimately think that just the tearing open of the paper part is the best and most exciting part, after they open the gift they can't wait to get on to the next, haha.
Isn't this blanket the sweetest backdrop?!?! It was a gift to us from our sister missionary Tayli!
My baby boys have gotten so big!
Notice Cody's wearing of the tiara in this one
 Cody and Camille's lil family.
I think this was actually Christmas Eve but you get the point.
 Stocking hunts begin! 
So in Camille's family, they've always done stocking hunts as a tradition. First they do presents and then they begin searching for their stocking that Santa hid! Jaden was pure overjoyed on this activity (actually Camille and Cody were too which made it so fun). Camille, Karlee, and Cody hid everyone's stocking with clues leading them all over the house (for Casey it included driving down the street to the mailbox) to find their stockings. It was actually really really fun to do and everyone, myself included, loved it. 
Historicla fact: This tradition dates back to WW2 when Camille's grandparents were't able to afford very many Christmas gifts for their children, they decided to make the stockings extra special and fun for the family in hiding them. Isn't that cute that it's been continued? 

 Cody and Camille's kids also got a tramp for Christmas! Which was definitely the highlight for Max, ha. Oh man how I wish we had a tramp, he spent hours going in and out of the house on his own free will jumping and jumping and jumping. Casey: LET'S GET A TRAMP ASAP OUT OF DENTAL SCHOOL.

 I think one highlight for Christmas was getting to FaceTime this sweet angel face! Tayliann is 6 mnths into her mission in Montana and doing so awesome. Even though as a family we only got 40 minutes to talk with her and like 2 individually it was still so wonderful. You'll take what you can get!
 The group during some of the face timing.
Maxson still super interested in tractors. 
 More tramping.
 Grammie doing what she does best: entertaining the kiddos
 The tablescape for Christmas dinner

Our very festive white elephant gift exchange (from the dollar store).
late night movie watching
 Brielle as Princess Elsa.
Max being forced to brush his teeth.

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Cody and Camille said...

Such a special Christmas with y'all! Love reminiscing in the memories.