Monday, January 26, 2015

All dressed up...and we went to church!

Our first Sunday to church with the whole family went smashing (the second not so much, but that's not what we're focusing on here). Bryson slept the whole 3 hours in his carseat, amazing right?!??! And Quinn only woke up the last 15 minutes to eat, it was a wonderful spiritual filled Sunday. Funny thing, I got all 4 boys to match! Khaki pants, white shirts, and the 3 little boys had matching bow ties (still trying to convince Casey that bow ties look good on men too!). Pretty much no one saw their outfits but I just thought they were so cute, I wanted to kiss them all day.
 The best picture of the 4 matching boys. It was probably hysterical watching us try to get a picture with Max in it, Casey is holding the twins following Max all around the background, Max just keeps running away, and I'm just standing a few feet away with my big huge camera hoping for a good enough picture. Silly I tell you. Max knew Casey wasn't going to be able to hold him still and totally took advantage of it.

 Our Sunday family!
 And the gorgeous sunset that evening. It makes my heart sing seeing this beauty!
 And rewind a couple weeks ago! Never got individual shots of the boys in their blessing outfits. Here's their cuteness. A couple people have asked where the clothing is from. Suspenders: ebay (search toddler suspenders, they were like $2 each shipped from China or something) and I made the bow ties.

Church is going to be hard with the twins: always worrying about feedings, naps, keeping them asleep, cleaning up spit up, etc. But during those 3 hours of the day, we are supposed to be at church and I know it will bless us!


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You take such great pictures! What camera do you have?? Do you do much editing afterward?