Friday, January 30, 2015

1 month baby faves

For the life of me, I can't figure out why the background is not showing up white on this collage. Ohs a wells. At least I have this cool collage for you, so enjoy!!!

The babies are now 3 months old and these are still my favorite things. I really don't think there's anything new I'd add at this point, so make this a 1-3 months baby faves collage
1. WubbaNub. Pacifiers don't get lost as easily, they stay put when the babies done and we can tell whose pacificer is who's.

2.SwaddleMe. Whambam the swaddle is done and for the most part inescapable. Strong velcro, just a super great design! You can get by with 2 small/mediums and 2 larges per baby. And only get the cotton variety, not fleece, too hot!

3. Sound Machine. This one has some great sounds with great volume controls, we hope it helps drown the babies out for us and them, I'd say it works great

4. Aquaphor . Any sign of a red bum and out comes this puppy! We love aquaphor and swear by it for the best moisturizer/skin protector

5. Baby wraps! My mom just bought a huge piece of fabric and it works great! (We actually bored my friends Moby wrap for a double carrier when we traveled and I did not like the material very much at all, mine is much more loose and soft and not hot. My dream wrap would be the solly baby one!

6. Nosefrida. This is an ABSOLUTE MUST on my baby list. You can legitimately clean it out every time and it works so much better at getting out all the yuckies from your poor babies nose!

7. Rock 'n Play Sleeper. I've raved about it before but I truly think it's this item that has helped my babies consistently sleep 8-10 hours a night since right before 3 months. At 2 months they were sleeping 6-7 solid hours. It folds up really compactly, it's super comforting for baby, you can slightly rock it after putting down baby when they wake up a little. This and number 6 are by far my 2 favorite products I think every parent must get.

Beyond these items specially for winter babies:

8. Zippered sleepers. Don't buy anything other than zippered sleepers for up to size 0-3 months (even for 3-6 months in my case! It's way easier laundry and the most comfortable thing they can wear since they sleep 2/3+ of the day. Be realistic here and save all the cutesy things for when they're a wee bit older, I PROMISE. I'd say if you had 8-10 to rotate through you'd be good to go.

9. Bear Suits. At least that's what we call them. One big suit that covers their whole body (with cute little ears on top). Keeps them toasty warm and you don't have to worry about blankets when out and about. The babies always fall super fast asleep when in their bear suit!

What did I miss? What are some of YOUR favorite baby items (that I need to go buy?) Share your knowledge!

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Cherri said...

Wish these were around when my babies were babies!