Saturday, January 17, 2015

Christmas break: round 2 part 1

Beebees!!!! What a great picture to start out the post, right? BQ
Visiting Tristan and Megan. Tristan was so adorable with the babies, so so so cute. At one point he looked at me and said with wide eyes "I want two babies!"

Got to get together with these cute ladies. Nicole and Amy came to my house and we FaceTimed Brooke! I love them so so much. It's REALLY strange to think we're going on our 7th year after high school graduation and still great friends (You guys, 7 years since I graduate high school….weeeeeeeird)
New Year's day was the most wonderful weather finally (it was dang cold the whole time we were in AZ, rotten!) so we went to the park with Logan and Blair's family. We played and played and also played a great game of hide and seek with the gang where my brother hid in the top of the tree at point. THe kids ate that hiding spot up.

 It snowed New Year's Eve night actually, it was so cold! Well at least in the mountains by parent's house, it was such a beautiful site!
Casey is crazy. Just crazy. I really don't know why he wanted to do this other than to have a little fun. Scared me half to death with him jumping that far. The video I took of him doing it you can hear me gasp in air when he jumps off ha. I think he's just warming me up for the life with tons of boys.
Got to go out on a little date night with some of our siblings (THANK YOU MOM AND DAD FOR WATCHING ALL MY CHILDREN) and it was oh so much fun and oh so needed. We went to Top Golf down by the San Tan Mall and it was really fun. Imagine a golfing range bowling style with a group. Ha, ya fun. I'm no gofer AT ALL and it was still loads of fun. The place created such a fun feel kinda like a night life scene yet laid back and fun and just all around oh so great. We will definitely be going again. Helped that our siblings are so much fun :)
This picture makes me smile so big seeing that we're doing an activity with one of my brothers and Casey's brothers in the same state just casually for fun, I WANT IT TO BE LIKE THIS MORE OFTEN! Cue FOMO (feeling of missing out) tears.
This is the golfing range: Each of those screens is it's own group of golfers on the 3 stories. It seemed so futuristic and was sweet,
The golfing range had these big nets you'd try to get your golf balls in. Each ball had a censor that would tell you how far you hit it and gave you points with going in nets depending on what game you were playing, sweet huh?
The next night we went to the Mesa Temple with these family members. Oh how I love the temple1 It was a perfect way to start the year and brought peace to my soul. My parents found 3 amazing girls in their YSA ward to watch my 3 needy children and were just wonderful girls overall. I couldn't have been more thankful for them. Plus I also randomly saw my Aspen Grove friend Laurel in the temple! I love seeing familiar places everywhere in that city.
Max putting monkey in timeout, heh heh.
Coming home from a quick errand I always open the door with much hesitation. Hesitation because I always cringe to see if I hear crying from inside the house and then I feel really bad for whomever is watching the babies. It's the most wonderful sound if I hear silence knowing the babies aren't crying! I came in to find my mom like this. Bless her soul.
We got to play another game night with Megan and Scott!!! Oh how we love these 2 when it comes to Settlers! We made it a special date night in with pizza because our kids were asleep in the other rooms. We played 2 round of settlers and were deathly tired by the end. Casey sabotaged me the first game and we had a love HATE relationship the rest of the game, shocker. So glad Megan and Scott came up, it was  blast!

Max eating cookie dough like a boss.
I love that when I put them close enough together their arms usually end up locked together. BQ
And another great shot of these two, how my heart just melts over them! BQ (Bryson has caught up to Quinn in weight finally and weighs 2 oz more than him! They're 12# 6 oz and 12# 4 oz
Bahama Bucks with Kirk and Whitney! Max had a fabulous time monopolizing the shaved ice. Casey got his free everest sized one when we went in. It made him so happy.

You can see from this picture that our Bahama Bucks excursion was not nearly as relaxing as it used to be. Our time there was filled with baby spit up, feeding babies, putting in binkies, and oh, don't forget about Max ha.
Max loves these 2 people.
My saintly parents yet again offered to watch all 3 of our kids to give us another little date night out. We chose to get a pizza at Sauce, talked about our goals for the year, and decided to make it a priority to get out alone on dates like this when we got back to Nebraska no matter what the cost because after the 3rd time in a week getting out alone we understood how truly important it was for our relationship.

Aaaaaaaaand that's a wrap of our time in Arizona!

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