Tuesday, March 5, 2013

maxson's 3 {months}!

as much as i so very much loved snuggling my newborn baby and will miss it much,
he's getting bigger and it too is so fun!
he's smiling and talking/yelling back at us so much, it's so funny to listen to.
and we officially have a roller!
it's that next exciting milestone we saw coming.
for the last month he's loved hanging out on his side while sucking on that hand.
then on saturday as i was trying to set up the camera on the floor to get pictures of him on his tummy,
i went to go get him and he was nearly all the way turned toward his tummy!
i cheered him on as an over ecstatic first time momma knowing he was fully "turned" once he was crying and couldn't get back.
since then, whenever we put him on his back on the ground, we'll look over and low and behold his on his tummy.
he gets his hand out from under him half the time right now and the other half just cries in frustration :)
onto some of his 3 month newsies/funsies:
 photo IMG_7011copy_zps9ecf6300.jpg
-he's scooting circles on his back.
i lay him down and 10 minutes later he's still on the blanket but has done a 180 with all those side rolls!
-bumbo=awesomeness. that and the moby are his favorite places
-he's not fully on laughing/giggling yet, but we'll often get a few chuckles out of him.
 photo IMG_7018copy_zps44521ef6.jpg
 photo IMG_7037_zpsb70e84fc.jpg
"nom nom nom"
 photo IMG_7151copy_zps0ce82690.jpg
 photo IMG_7129_zps55ff9e23.jpg
 photo IMG_7092_zps91a88e6f.jpg
"what you looking at? i'm awesome on my tummy!"
 photo IMG_7112_zps10da168c.jpg
but of course, tummy time inevitably turns into this...
he's crying/complaining while sucking on his hand
 photo IMG_7115_zps77477815.jpg
-he's still always wanting to stand on your legs or the floor or where ever he gets the chance.
arms in airplane mode, naturally.
-ove the past weeks we've figured out routines for his 4 naps (sleeps best in his carseat...there could be worse places, and is guaranteed to wake up after 45 minutes for crib naps and not go back to sleep, ooy, i will continue to fight!) and how to sleep awesome at night: 7 hours then 3 hours. it's been vundervul.
-we've changed to the secret swaddle at night and crib naps (because he escapes even my beloved swaddleme!) and sometimes let out an arm during day naps to see if he's getting better with arm control.
 photo IMG_7163copy_zps45bc2ee5.jpg
-his newest trick other than rolling: balancing on those 2 feetsies on my hand!
i'm sure that by next month i won't be supporting him.
-he loves facetiming. whenever we do he's so entranced by watching whomever is on the screen.granted it's like tv and that's probably why...
but it's not tv so we will continue.
 photo IMG_7180copy_zpsa79772b1.jpg
taking photos=tired daddy
actually constant studying=tired daddy
please be over quicker you terrible 2nd semester of first year dental school!
 photo IMG_7192copy_zps357f8695.jpg


Brooke said...

I honestly can't get over how cute he is. Probably the most darling baby I've ever seen, I'm so serious!

Laura said...

He really is a beautiful baby. I can't shake the fact that he reminds me of Jaden, but I guess that just means he's a Cutler! Ahem, may I beg for some comparison photos of you, Casey and Max? I LOVE comparing baby pics!

Nicole said...

HE IS SO CUTE I love seeing the updates on him!

Cherri said...

yep a cute CUTLER

The ORR Family said...

um...hi. you had a kid. And....hi. he is ADORABLE. oh and hey....how are you? I think you're the cutest. Bye

Blair said...

I love your blog. Sometimes I wish i could just "like" one of you posts. haha. Commenting takes so much more work! But I just want to say, that you are pretty much the only person I know that still posts regularly on their blog and I love that you do. Every time I check someone else's blog they haven't updated it in months. bleh.