Saturday, February 2, 2013

maxson is 2 (months)!

my little baby was officially 2 months old yesterday!
why is it, that as a parent you're so sad to see them grow up?
yet, when we play with him on the floor we say to each other won't that be so fun when he's sitting up and rolling?
too bad there's not a time machine where you can constantly say "ok, i want him to be this age now, and then this age, and then back to this age, etc..."
i always hear that you're so FLOODED with one stage at a time sometimes it's so hard to TRULY enjoy and then it's gone and you wish it were back!
so we are soaking in this little baby stage as much as we can.
the constant eating, sleeping, and cooing (that really seems like all he does, i'm not including crying in here because he really doesn't cry...maybe a tiny bit when he wants to tell me he's tired or a loud tiny bit that says "i'm awake from my nap, it's time for food now!" ha, but those two just make me laugh.

so let's talk about what mr. maxson is doing at 2 months of age!
 photo IMG_6776copy_zps51cd8490.jpg

talking up a storm when he's not eating or sleeping.
he's seriously always making some cute little noise that we're so in love with, it's just darling.

smiling all the time.
he gives us full on grins constantly, melts my heart!
sometimes he'll give me a small smirk before going to sleep and that too is the best.

does tummy time like a champ
he's down there for a good 5 minutes until he's fed up with it.
but he's doing awesome at getting that head up!
 photo IMG_6723copy1_zpsd8dbaa95.jpg

tracking us like a hawk
he's so entertained to just watch me fold laundry with the new colored clothes going up in the air and then down and then momma going to this side of the room and then back, he loves it

speaking of tracking, he loves watching dancing.
ha, so random he'll last in the bouncer about 5 minutes if not being entertained but if you get up and start dancing, or even better, if you turn on just dance 4 and let him watch you dance, he's entranced.
and he knows the difference if you're really dancing to a song or just doing movements betweens songs to make him think you're dancing, he cannot be tricked.

still is a rockstar in the carseat.
not that we really ever go in the carseat these days with all the yucky sickness everywhere and the bitter cold outside, but the 3 times we've had to go somewhere in the last month, he rocks it.
 photo IMG_6645copy_zps79f364d4.jpg

takes 3-4 naps a day.
wakes up twice during the night still, with his longest stretch being 6 1/2 hours
but usually the "long" stretch of the night is 4-5 hours.

loves sucking on his left hand.
we're worry wart parents and are afraid he's going to find his thumb!
ha, anytime we hear a solid sucking sound on his hand we check to make sure it's not his thumb, and try to offer him the paci instead.
but he really only prefers the paci right before going to sleep so...
maybe he's just a fan of eating his hand?
 photo IMG_6713copy_zpsd514bd44.jpg

still spits up lots
all is well, he's still gaining weight...

loves bath time so much more than those first 4 weeks.
we've finally figured out a method he loves and bathtime is so much fun for us.
it's an activity i look forward to now between naps 1 and 2 every other day :)
it's not just get in and out but it's get in and enjoy, play, wash, and then out.

loves nakey time and could care less if his clothes are being changed.
unlike the first month, we also figured out a few things to help him enjoy these activities more.
since it's cold and he's always bundled up, we don't get to see that cute little baby body very much!
so i too enjoy getting to feel his soft little skin, give his tummy raspberries, and tickle his toes!

loves being swaddled.
we were given a hand me down swaddleme small size from my SIL at about 5 1/2 weeks.
once i tried it i knew i wants the bigger size too!
i had been thinking about buying one of them when he was 2 weeks old and was constantly getting out of his swaddle and hadn't learned how to nap so well but it just wasn't working out with amazon.
but i'm SO glad we have it now.
 photo IMG_6722copy_zps85b91dab.jpg

weight: 12# 2 oz: 45%ile
height: 24 in: 90%ile
head: 15 1/2": 50-75%ile
 photo IMG_6610_zps4a0eec67.jpg
he's as cute as a button and we love that little boy!!


sam&charlie said...

seriously, kimber? seriously?! CUTEST LITTLE BOY! and those blue eyes?! he's one dreamy baby.

Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

So cute, I see your doing cloth. HOw that going. Sweet baby boy!

Joe and Jocelyn Sigety said...

Good lookin little man!

Cherri said...

so Iam ready to book my ticket tomorrow after that post! LOVE HIM!

Melissa said...

So cute. I laughed at the thumb sucking thing. We are the same way! And Ellie spits up a ton too!! Annoying, but she's still growing, like you said, so it is what it is. We also had one 6.5 hour sleep stretch, but only one, longest now is 4 hours usually. :) It's fun knowing people with babies so close in age. It's fun to read.

Melanie said...

Kimber, he is just SO cute! I love all the little details you write about him :) He'll love reading about them when he's older too! Sounds like he's as sweet as his momma!