Sunday, February 1, 2015


We say the babies don't look like any of us: Casey, Kimber, or Max. But I threw a few pictures together for funsies, shall we take a looky?

Starting top left and going clockwise is Maxson, Casey, Quinn, Bryson, all at about 2 months old.
 Max vs. myself
 Quinn vs myself
 Casey vs Max. Wish we had a better one of Max to compare with, I think it was more around 18 months that this is EXACTLY what Max looked like when he cried.
 Bryson vs. Maxson
 Whenever we see pictures of my brother Kirk as a baby we always say it's similar to Maxson. I remember saying that a lot the first year feeling that Max reminded me of Kirk
Quinn vs Casey
Fun, huh? What do you think, any other twins beside the real twins you saw?

And we can't forget a few favorites from comparisons in the past

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Cherri said...

The crying pics make me crack up!