Saturday, June 21, 2014

picturas de iFono

a little recap of june mostly

a. bath time after mud time
b. running in the front yard (very likely playing in the mail box)
c. an adorable twin gift from an aunt
d. maxson's crazy sleeping positions (wish you could see this better)
 photo Jun192014_2_zps81c0728e.jpg
a. & b. slowly falling off the couch during a nap, so funny
c. ended that nap on momma
d. maxson selfie
 photo Jun192014_22_zps30bbe5da.jpg
a. & b. splash pad opening day!
c. & d. ice cream post splash pad, which led to the messy ice cream pictures in this post
 photo Jun192014_21_zps3dd6f7f7.jpg
a. & b. the solution to keeping the chairs down like such so max doesn't crawl on the table has been compromised…
c. snuggles
d. big shoes to fill
 photo Jun192014_23_zps43699357.jpg
a. sprinklers and pool time ! (thanks granny and papa!)
b. facial during maxson's bath, reminded me of the picture of my nephew in this post
c. even after momma drains out all the water after bath time, the bath is still fun
d. casey and josh working on the toddler bed (with a few extra little helpers)
 photo Jun192014_26_zps592e1809.jpg
a. & b. & c. i decided we needed a donut run one morning to lamar's, they were delicious
d. and then apparently later that day he also got an oreo cookie. 
 photo Jun192014_25_zpsfd96d211.jpg
a. & b. & c. unbeknownst to our knowledge just 3 days later was national donut day so we had to head back to lamar's for our free donut! it was 9 am and there were still plenty of donuts left, yay! so different from last year.
d. making cookies for the gender reveal party. i'm usually awesome at making cookies, somehow i overcooked half of them, ugh! the stress!
 photo Jun192014_28_zps52e823b2.jpg
a. max is most excited to go to church because he liked to play with the balls in the gym
b. just doing some quick work on the church computer
c. & d. book time
 photo Jun192014_27_zpseda01dc1.jpg
a. max has to find dogs wherever we go and he has to go say hi to them every time, he loves any dogs, big or small
b. casey the best husband ever, playing with the kids. he was the only adult to play in the water with the kids, go down the slip-n-slide, and just be all around awesome. i love that man so much
c. maxson so excited to vacuum
d. we dropped casey off at the airport one day and as he left, he gave max the rest of his drink, max was in heaven
 photo Jun192014_212_zps2cd7a484.jpg
a. we watched this big (loud) truck clean our the street drains for a solid half hour. maxson was enamored
b. more bath time
c. & d. i adore these pictures oh so much. i wish so badly the first was focused but they will be some of my all time favorites, his smile, his tilted head, his little teeth, that squinted nose, the joy of eating that cookie. he was so happy in this moment
 photo Jun192014_29_zpsdab1f080.jpg
a. grocery shopping (how will i do this with 2 more in tow!?)
b. insisted the balls swing with him
c. i laughed when i saw him squished in this rear facing car seat, i've got one tall boy
d. trying to slice the cheese like momma (he soon gave up and started nibbling at the chunk)
 photo Jun192014_210_zpsc6a5ff47.jpg
i love these 3 pictures. our friend jared is trying to fly a kite and the kids just think it's the best thing in the world. so flipping cute
 photo Jun192014_215_zpsf04e6278.jpg
a. max and my kisses we sent to casey on father's day during church (remember, he wasn't there)
b. casey's father's day shrine
c. the gender reveal painting, which we love
d. on a bike ride
 photo Jun192014_211_zps50af7fce.jpg

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