Wednesday, June 18, 2014

a painting adventure

we went a painting last week!
after perusing pinterest for  little bit one day i thought to myself "kimber instead of pinning more stuff, find something you already pinned and get it ready for max when he wakes up from his hibernation nap!" i found this super easy homemade paint pin from this site, whipped it up in a jiffy and waited for maxson to wake up.
SUPER EASY flour paint:
about 1/4 c flour
water (just keep adding water until you like the consistency)
food coloring

i mixed mine up in little cups and it went great! i just cut the side of  big cardboard box for the canvas because i'm fancy like that ;) max loved it so much. i'm glad i did it outside because he made a mess. and i'm glad the paint was only flour and water because literally the first thing he did was stick that paintbrush in his mouth that had paint all over it, ha. that is definitely my child.
 photo IMG_2817_zpsf5db3b6a.jpg
 photo IMG_2823copy_zpsd828deb7.jpg
 photo IMG_2827_zps11d09cd8.jpg
 photo IMG_2837copy_zpsf7a91ae0.jpg
 photo IMG_2830copy_zpsfd533ebd.jpg
 photo IMG_2853copy_zps55bc7eec.jpg
 photo IMG_2832_zps5ff4f13e.jpg
 photo IMG_2841_zpse72e9dca.jpg
 photo IMG_2854_zps5e4b124f.jpg
 photo IMG_2872_zpsd8cb74ab.jpg
 photo IMG_2828_zps3b82f138.jpg
 photo IMG_2861_zps0f52b68d.jpg

i definitely recommend this activity for your toddler ;)


Cherri said...

You would think you added SUGAR to that paint.... :)

Andy Ballstaedt said...

Please come plan things for my child to do when I have a child. And make everything seem chill and fun. Thanks!