Tuesday, June 24, 2014

take me out to the ball game (to die of heatstroke, get sunburned, and complain of the humidity)

last week we got to go to one of the college world series baseball games and it was so much fun! i love baseball games. they're so relaxed. they're so american. and they're so summer. as my blog post title says, it was flipping hot. it was super humid, and we almost got sunburnt except for the fact that we sprayed sunscreen on our selves (especially the sunny side of us) like 3 times during the game. but the weather could have been so much worse (i can't believe i'm saying that but it's probably true). here's how the evening went down:

general admission tickets (bleachers seats that miraculously have backs to them), don't get sold until the day of the game, and we heard they go fast. so we got there 1 1/2 hours early to buy our ticket and get a seat. casey looked for parking online before the game and saw that most everything was $8-$10 to park except for 2 free lots designated ADA parking where you have to show your card and he thought "great! i have my ADA card (American Dental Association) and we'll get great parking. we find the lot, the parking guy says you have to have a pass for this lot and casey says "isn't this ADA parking? i'll show you my card" so he shows them our card and they let us in and we think we've scored the jack pot because it is right next to the stadium where as people had been walking from way far away to get to the stadium. i remember saying to casey "man, that dental tuition, is paying itself off! yay for you being an ADA member!" *jump forward to after the game when we're pulling out of the parking lot i see a sign that says ADA parking with a handicap sign underneath…i'm guessing it was the American Disability Act parking thing, ha! but they never specified that before! we innocently did believe we were in the right place with casey's ADA card. we thought it was funny

we get into the game an hour early find seats and continue to roast for the following 2 hours in the sun it seemed like. although maxson wouldn't sit for long (we never expected him to do such) we took turns going up to the walkway opening where it was shaded and breezy to let him run and walk around as he pleased. i think doing that was what made the gem more bearable weather wise. casey made it feel like a super special occasion when he bought not one but two ice cold lemonades, oh man they were heavenly. and then near the end of the game we bought a big ol thing of popcorn in hopes that max would stay put for awhile eating it, ha, which he did. max loved to clap with excitement when the audience did so, casey also showed him the pitchers warming up in the bullpen right in front of us which he liked. maxson also loved mingling with all the strangers around us, sharing food, taking their food, and waving bye bye to them, he was a charmer for sure.

going to this college world series game was definitely a once in a life time thing. college sports atmospheres are so much fun and the players are really so talented. such a fun evening with my little family!

ironic that casey is wearing an LA dodgers hat (the area he grew up in) and myself a D-backs hat (my home area)
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Cherri said...

oh yeah great memories... that come along sometimes only once. ADA.... too too funny!