Tuesday, June 10, 2014

life lately

before i get to more twin stuff, let's take a look at regular old life these days.

an impromptu backyard "fire pit"
our friends' brother has an old washing machine drum he uses to do his own backyard fire pit, our friends brought it on over to our driveway area and it worked! very white-trash feeling but oh so much fun! too bad the evening felt like we were just constantly trying to keep the kids away from running into the street or not touching the fire (or for maxson, stealing other people's food). a little more stressful than fun at times but still oh so worth it. but we love getting together with our friends.
 photo IMG_1949_zps82691711.jpg
maxson was very giddy to have a hot dog in one hand and a cup of watermelon in the other
 photo IMG_1954_zps0ca3bec7.jpg
 photo IMG_1956_zpsac3611d8.jpg
corn on the cob and bratwurst 
 photo IMG_1951_zps7eb11dad.jpg
unbeknownst to my knowledge one morning, casey let maxson play in the large puddle in the street. maxson loved it. casey didn't care either way. and i as a mother cringed for so many reasons. but alas, he had fun (and that will be his last time having fun like that in the middle of the street).
also note casey's outfit- church shoes were the first things he found downstairs to slip on...
 photo IMG_2527_zps86b6031f.jpg
 photo IMG_2540_zpsa65d96e2.jpg
 photo IMG_2543_zps2dec6dfb.jpg
 photo IMG_2546copy_zpsca6f138e.jpg
after a hot day at the splash pad i stopped and got maxson a soft serve and he was in heaven.
hello summer!
(we have  A LOT of diaper only moments outside these days due to water, mud, food, or other little boy debris. just be warned it is only the first month of summer)
 photo IMG_2566copy_zps0838e20a.jpg
my two favorite boys!
 photo IMG_2581copy_zps2cad12a3.jpg
 photo IMG_2568_zpsc7cfa0de.jpg
love this man of mine.
 photo IMG_2627_zps4e4c1a4a.jpg
casey made a toddler bed for maxson with a TON of help from his friend josh. josh is a master wood worker. i gave them this tutorial/picture, but said i like the head and foot of this bed a little more and they came up with their own design and put it to life. it looks so fantastic! and it is such high quality. they finished it in just 2 days time working a ton on it. we need to bring it home sometime so i can take more pictures of it. we don't plan on using it for awhile but it was a good time of the year with schooling for them both to whip it out.
 photo IMG_2711copy_zps39254fea.jpg
 photo IMG_2710_zps07e44b53.jpg
post bath snuggles
 photo IMG_2555_zpsc6fb9917.jpg
entertaining the children while casey and josh made the toddler bed.
more ice cream cones!
 photo IMG_2718_zps35daa812.jpg
 photo IMG_2715_zps116f21f9.jpg
aaaaaaaaaand, while my parents were here (yes my parents came in town for 4 marvelous days and it was SOOOOOO wonderful to have them here, such a treat!) they outfitted us with all our summer water needs! a hose, a key to the spicket on the hose, a play pool, and this sweet sprinkler slip in slide (only $8 at target people, RUN do not walk). maxson isn't overly obsessed with it quite yet but he'll grow into it with the summer months i bet and the combo of the weather getting hotter and the water getting warmer, it's ICE COLD right now!
 photo IMG_2630_zpsfb361aa2.jpg

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Cherri said...

Yay for summer fun.... and cool on the bed! Way to go Casey.