Monday, June 23, 2014

love from home

back at the end of may/beginning of june my parents came out for a quick visit and it was so wonderful.
it's just so nice to have family around in our neck of the woods.
we love it when anyone visits us (come visit us!) but especially when it's either of our parents.
parents just make you feel like you're the number one person in the world, right?
and i can totally see how, because oh man, i sure think the same of maxson.

we really didn't do anything overly special while they were here, just normal day to day stuff with maxson: walks, toys, swinging, bike rides, naps, target run. 2 more "special" things we did do with them were going to the dairy store on campus (as seen below) and then my wonderful dad watched maxson and put him down for nap while my mom went garage sailing with me (where we found some pretty awesome stuff, i love garage sailing season!). we played games a few nights, we watched a movie, and we just talked. talked about the present and the future. oh how i love my parents dearly!
 photo IMG_1540_zpsbbe6638d.jpg
a. the new blocks we got at a garage sale
b. papa time
c. ice cream
d. watching home videos
 photo Jun192014_24_zpsbb7e44f2.jpg

thanks for visiting mom and dad, we miss you!!!
and i've said it a thousand times, but thank you for our water toys!!!


AN Petersen said...

Those are only the best blocks ever! And your parents are the 2nd best parents, next to mine. :)

Cherri said...

We had a great time.... can't wait to come again.... I am guessing the beginning of November.... :)